Danzante Bay Golf Course: Hole-by-Hole descriptions

No. 1  -  Par 4  -  Black 357  -  Gold 335  -  Blue 308  -  White 276  -  Red 248
The opening hole is an inviting, fairly level par 4 designed to get players off to a good start. The landing area is protected on the left by a bunker and to the right by a grassy hollow. The green, flanked by bunkers, falls away in back to a grass pocket.

No. 2  -  Par 5  -  Black 540  -  Gold 513  -  Blue 482  -  White 458  -  Red 411
The first of Danzante Bay’s new canyon holes, this sturdy uphill par 5 sweeps up onto a ridge on the left side. The plateau fairway traces the edge of an arroyo on the right at the base of a 200-foot bluff.

No. 3  -  Par 3  -  Black 201  -  Gold 178  -  Blue 152  -  White 130  -  Red 112
Tucked away in the canyon, this tantalizing par 3 plays around the edge of a deep arroyo on the right side. The putting surface juts out onto a point with the bluff as a backdrop.

No. 4  -  Par 4  -  Black 390  -  Gold 345  -  Blue 332  -  White 300  -  Red 266
This exciting downhill hole was conceived as a “drivable” par 4. The fairway skirts an arroyo on the right and rolls along the foot of a peak on the left side of the landing area. The green straddles a ridge, with a fairway chipping area on the left side.

No. 5  -  Par 5  -  Black 578  -  Gold 535  -  Blue 489  -  White 446  - Red 402
A dramatic downhill par 5 reachable in two shots by good players, No. 5 reverses direction and offers stirring views of the bay. An arroyo runs the entire length of the left side of the fairway on this subtle right-to-left dogleg hole.

No. 6  -  Par 4  -  Black 393  -  Gold 370  -  Blue 346  -  White 324  -  Red 293
This intriguing uphill, mid-length par 4 is stitched across the floor of an enclosed box canyon. The banked fairway careens off a slope up the right side. The big, deep green is bracketed by bunkers.

No. 7  -  Par 4  -  Black 481  -  Gold 450  -  Blue 427  -  White 386  -  Red 361
A dramatic par 4 that proceeds downhill through the canyon, this classic right-to-left dogleg, both subtle and challenging, leads to a receptive, open-entry green with a lone bunker on the left.

No. 8  -  Par 4  -  Black 472  -  Gold 426  -  Blue 415  -  White 387  -  Red 357
One of the tougher par 4s on the course, this tremendous downhill hole transitions out of the canyon, with an arroyo serving as a hazard along the entire left side of fairway. The well-defended green calls for an accurate approach shot.

No. 9  -  Par 3  -  Black 180  -  Gold 162  -  Blue 158  -  White 141  -  Red 121
This enticing drop-shot par 3 is protected by a pair of deep bunkers on the left side of the green. A fairway approach sweeps into the green from the safe right side.

Front  -  Par 36  -  Black 3592  -  Gold 3314  -  Blue 3109  -  White 2848  -  Red 2562

No. 10  -  Par 5  -  Black 533  -  Gold 508  -  Blue 483  -  White 457  -  Red 388
The tee shot at No. 10, a rolling mid-length par 5, must be played to the left of a lake and between two fairway bunkers. An arroyo crosses the fairway well short of the green. The approach to the green runs up the left side and is protected by a well-positioned bunker.

No. 11  -  Par 4  -  Black 437  -  Gold 407  -  Blue 388  -  White 366  -  Red 341
From the back tee, the tee shot must carry the edge of a lake to reach the wide landing area at this long downhill par 4. The best approach to the green is from the right side, as the left side slopes off to a chipping area and gathering bunker.

No. 12  -  Par 5  -  Black 580  -  Gold 508  -  Blue 495  -  White 475  -  Red 420
A long par 5 that plays directly to the beach, No. 12 marks the start of the dunes holes. The tee shot must carry an arroyo and skirt the dune running down the left side. There is ample room to the right at the point where the dunes enter the fairway. The approach to the green is wide, but underlying dunes contours create a variety of slopes that affect incoming shots.

No. 13  -  Par 3  -  Black 191  -  Gold 163  -  Blue 134  -  White 118  -  Red 101
Nestled entirely in sand dunes that roll down to the beach, this lovely par 3 plays to a large beachfront green encased in sand and skewed on a left-to-right angle.

No. 14  -  Par 4  -  Black 451  -  Gold 389  -  Blue 367  -  White 347  -  Red 309
The tee boxes at No. 14 are set on the edge of a cliff that slopes down to the dunes. The tee shot plays down to a wide landing area and then up to a green protected to the right by a bunker and on the left by a grassy hollow.

No. 15  -  Par 4  -  Black 349  -  Gold 334  - Blue 321  -  White 295  -  Red 247
This unique mid-length par 4, a left-to-right dogleg, plays uphill to the base of the mountain. The fairway leads through a narrow gap in a valley that widens into a broad landing area. Tee shot placement is essential to have the proper approach angle. A large trough cuts through the middle of the putting surface.

No. 16  -  Par 4  -  Black 345  -  Gold 327  -  Blue 299  -  White 270  -  Red 226
This short, narrow par 4 sets up as a right-to-left dogleg and calls for precision. The terraced fairway leads to an elevated green with an upper and lower shelf.

No. 17  -  Par 3  -  Black 164  -  Gold 149  -  Blue 140  -  White 101  -  Red 80
The transition from the 16th green to the 17th tee gives little indication of what lies ahead. After cresting a ridge, golfers are presented with a dazzling view of the Sea of Cortes 250 feet below the tee. This world-class par 3 plays sharply downhill to a peninsula green yoked by a horseshoe-shaped bunker. The putting surface clings to a rock outcrop and sits high above the glittering sea and distant islands.

No. 18  -  Par 4  -  Black 520  -  Gold 466  -  Blue 443  -  White 389  -  Red 337
The longest and most sharply downhill par 4 on the course. The tee shot plays over a large rock outcrop on the right and should be aimed at the pair of fairway bunkers that frame the far side of the landing area. The fairway pitches from right to left and directs shots toward the green. Downhill approach shots should be played well short of the green and onto the ramp that sweeps into the putting surface from the right side. An epic finishing hole.

Back  -  Par 36  -  Black 3584  -  Gold 3267  -  Blue 3079  -  White 2857  -  Red 2468

Total  -  Par 72  -  Black 7176  -  Gold 6581  -  Blue 6188  -  White 5705  -  Red 5030

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Hole 17 prices Danzante Bay

  Prices 18 holes. $145 USD9holes. $ 87 USDper person and included cartTwilight "18-hole" $87 USDper person and included cartPractice Center + clubs $35 USDMini Golf "9-hole" $12 USD

Danzante Bay Golf Course: Hole-by-Hole descriptions

No. 1  -  Par 4  -  Black 357  -  Gold 335  -  Blue 308  -  White 276  -  Red 248The opening hole is an inviting, fairly level par 4 designed...

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