Coronado island is home to great snorkel spots, white sand beaches and a sea lion colony. It’s the most visited due to its close proximity to Loreto. COME AND JOIN US with a professional guide who knows the history and wildlife!! A paradise for snorkelers, the turquoise waters around the island offer outstanding visibility, especially for those wishing to explore the sea bottom.

The island itself is covered with rocky crags, except for the southeast corner, and becomes a marine turtle sanctuary at certain times of the year when the females come to the beaches to lay their eggs. If you prefer to stroll around the island instead of relaxing under a beach “Palapa”, you will find numerous examples of local animals and plants. Our three hour adventure doesn’t just go to the beach like most local boats. We take you for a lap around the island to see all the wildlife, sea lion colony and then time on the beach to snorkel and sunbath. Snorkel gear, a picnic sandwich lunch on the beach and refreshments beer, soda, water are all included.

Trip includes:
- 4 hour excursion around the entire island not just the beach
 - Knowledgeable Tour Guide
 - Light lunch/Refreshments
 - Snorkel gear
 - Wet suit

Duration: 4 hours aprox.
Time: 9 am
Everyday. Minimum required 2 people
by the main dock


The first 5 people to book get 25% discount on the ride
to the Coronado Island and habitat of sea lions or the land of giants, Canon Tabor.

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