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Mission Statement

We strive to provide remarkable vacation experiences that exceed the expectations of all those who stay at our hotel. Our goal is to continuously be recognized as the best hotel in our category for our quality accommodations, stellar service, and warm hospitality. 

Sustainable Practices

At Hotel Santa Fe Loreto, we are as committed to the environment as we are to our guests. At our hotel, we use a variety of eco-friendly practices to help protect the natural beauty and important habitats of Loreto and the Sea of Cortez and we strongly encourage visitors to do the same. Guests will find the following sustainable practices at Hotel Santa Fe Loreto:

    • We have cut back on the use of straws at our hotel, offering them only upon guest request. If a guest requests a straw, we provide a biodegradable option made from avocado seed. 
    • Our takeout containers are made of a biodegradable material that takes no more than 18 months to process. 
    • We have reduced the use of plastic throughout the hotel. 
    • We use only eco-friendly cleaning products created by a laboratory that specializes in the subject. 
    • All of the paper used in our administrative offices, reception, and other areas of our hotel operations are biodegradable. 
    • We have implemented a permanent campaign to separate organic, inorganic, and recyclable waste. 
    • We have a purification system that uses ions to eliminate calcareous residues from the water. 
    • We have an air conditioning system that uses closed cooling towers that allow us to save on energy consumption.
    • Our industrial electricity equipment uses inverter technology, which avoids peaks in energy consumption. 
    • Our energy saving program consists of optimizing energy, water, electricity, and gas through filters, condensers and capacitors.
    • We use LED lighting to save on energy consumption. 
    • Santa Fe Loreto has adopted the public park that is located in front of the hotel. We regularly complete park cleanings and maintenance.