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Published on 08/06/2020

How We are Getting Ready for Hotel Santa Fe’s Reopening

Hotel Santa Fe Loreto Reopening After Covid

As news of the coronavirus began to spread around the world, travel to Loreto Mexico quickly stopped, and thanks to early precautionary measures, the city has made it through the worst of the pandemic. Now that the government has announced that businesses can reopen and travel can resume, Hotel Santa Fe Loreto is making plans to protect employees and give travelers a safe haven in paradise once again. With changes to the daily operations and policies of the resort, Hotel Santa Fe Loreto is continuing to prioritize safety by following the best hotel safety tips from world health experts.

Hotel Santa Fe, and her sister resort Villa del Palmar Loreto, were among the first Loreto Mexico hotels to close their doors as a preventive measure against COVID-19. During the quarantine, a limited number of staff members were able to work at the hotel, doing a deep disinfectant cleaning of the entire property as well as general upkeep and improvements. The hotel also took this time to research the best strategies for welcoming back guests while protecting against the coronavirus. Before travelers return to Hotel Santa Fe Loreto, all employees will undergo training on identifying symptoms of COVID-19, implementing new procedures, and following new disinfectant cleaning measures. 

Like many other Loreto Mexico hotels, Hotel Santa Fe is committed to keeping the coronavirus out of the hotel and killing any signs of it that enter. One of the first changes you’ll notice when you travel to Loreto Mexico is that all guests and employees will be submitted to a noninvasive temperature check before entering the hotel. If someone is presenting symptoms of COVID-19, protocols are set to ensure everyone’s safety. Staff members will also be given freshly laundered uniforms to change into when they arrive at the hotel. To help keep germs out of the hotel, the daily hotel cleaning will have additional focus on commonly touched surfaces, like doorknobs, lightswitches, desks, computers, telephones, and remote controls. High traffic areas like stairwells, the courtyard, and lobby will also have multiple disinfectant cleanings throughout the day. With this diligence towards preventing the virus’s presence inside the hotel, travel to Loreto Mexico can safely begin to resume.

During your vacation, you may notice a few other changes around the hotel. When queuing for a line in the lobby, you’ll be asked to keep a healthy distance from those around you. There will also be antibacterial hand gel available throughout the hotel and signage encouraging guests and staff to frequently wash their hands. As Hotel Santa Fe begins to open up, the occupancy rate will be kept lower than usual, helping guests to practice social distancing and limiting the number of visitors to the beautiful small town of Loreto.

As Loreto Mexico resorts reopen, continuing to take precautionary steps against COVID-19 will keep the city healthy and strong. With a plan for keeping germs out guided by the best policies from world health experts, Hotel Santa Fe Loreto is committed to keeping Loreto, employees, and travelers healthy. By following all these safety measures, you’ll still be able to enjoy the small-town charm and tropical beauty that make Loreto such a special spot on Mexico’s coast.