Christmas And New Years In Loreto Mexico
22/11/2021 - Destination

Christmas and New Year’s in Loreto, Mexico

Trade white snow for golden sand when you spend your holidays on the shores of Loreto Mexico. The festive celebrations and pleasant weather in Loreto Mexico in December make it the ideal time to get…

What To See At The Loreto Malecon
22/11/2021 - Destination

What to See at the Loreto Malecon

There’s so much to experience on a Loreto vacation: the natural beauty, exciting tours, cultural history, and delicious cuisine. For a taste of it all, head to Malecón de Loreto, the city’s downtown…

Two Days In Loreto Itinerary Whale Watching
29/10/2021 - Destination

Two Days in Loreto, Mexico

You don’t need a whole week off of work to jet off to paradise. Even if you have just a weekend, you can take a two-day vacation on the beaches of Mexico. Because flights to Loreto, Mexico will get…

Attractions Near Hotel Santa Fe And Around Loreto
15/10/2021 - Destination

The Top 5 Attractions Near Hotel Santa Fe and Around Loreto

Loreto, Mexico is a tropical paradise that offers something for every traveler. Whether you’re coming to relax, seeking adventures, or hoping to discover the best of Mexican culture, there are several…

Hotel Santa Fe Loreto Guest Photos
31/08/2021 - Destination

Our Favorite Guest Photos

Hotel Santa Fe Loreto is a cool oasis in downtown Loreto, Mexico, offering families and friends the perfect spot to rest and relax during their vacation, and while there’s plenty to do nearby, some of…

Best Places To Visit In Loreto
23/08/2021 - Destination

Your Itinerary for The Best Places to Visit in Loreto

Despite the town’s slow and quiet charm, there are so many things to do in Loreto that showcase the rich history and natural beauty of Baja California. From the rugged majesty of the Sierra de la…

Who Flies To Loreto Mexico
23/08/2021 - Destination

Who Flies to Loreto Mexico?

In Loreto Mexico, travelers find the perfect combination of cultural charms and world-class amenities, making it an ideal destination for exploring the warmth of Mexico and relaxing in style. It’s a…

Loreto Mexico Magic Town Pueblo Magico
21/08/2021 - Destination

What Makes Loreto One of Mexico’s Magic Towns?

Nestled between the Sierra de la Giganta Mountains and the Sea of Cortez, the quiet town of Loreto has long been the cultural center of Baja California. Its scenic beaches, vibrant ecosystem, and…

Experience Loreto Mexico A Visual Guide
19/06/2021 - Destination

Experience Loreto, Mexico: A Visual Guide

After a short, direct flight from Los Angeles, San Diego, Tijuana, or other major transportation hubs, you’ll be in the tropical paradise of Loreto, Mexico. This beautiful destination is famous for…

Explore Loreto On These Tours
18/06/2021 - Destination

Explore Loreto on These Tours

Traveling to Loreto Mexico gives you the chance to explore another culture as you discover the beauty of the land and sea. With the variety of things to do in Loreto, every traveler will discover…

Escape To Loreto Mexico This Summer
05/05/2021 - Destination

Escape to Loreto Mexico This Summer

Summer vacation is the perfect time to take off with the whole family and escape to Loreto, Mexico. Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or with kids, you’ll find a variety of unique…

Discover The Best Views In Loreto Mexico
05/05/2021 - Destination

Discover the Best Views in Loreto

Everywhere you look in Loreto Mexico, you’ll be surrounded by natural beauty and a vibrant culture. This tranquil destination near Cabo has become a favorite for travelers who want to trade crowds of…

Experiences You Wont Want To Miss In Loreto
20/04/2021 - Destination

5 Experiences You Won’t Want to Miss in Loreto

When you picture your Loreto Mexico vacation, you’re probably dreaming of afternoons spent under the shade of palm trees with a margarita in your hand while waves gently lap the shore, and while…

Best Places To Take Pictures In Loreto Mexico
19/04/2021 - Destination

Best Places to Take Pictures in Loreto, Mexico

Lined with colorful buildings, the enchanting streets of Loreto Baja California lead to the sandy shores of the Sea of Cortez, and everywhere you go, there are more and more stunning places to take

Loreto The Safest Destinations To Visit In Mexico Right Now
17/04/2021 - Destination

Loreto, One of The Safest Destinations to Visit in Mexico Right Now

Travelers are always looking for new places to jet off to, but now the question of where are the safest places to travel doesn’t just mean cities where crime is low. When people ask about how safe is…

Top Spots For Snorkeling In Loreto Mexico
13/03/2021 - Destination

Top 4 Spots for Snorkeling in Loreto Mexico

The Sea of Cortez was nicknamed “The Aquarium of the World” by the legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau, and the best way to see all the wonders below the surface of the sea is by snorkeling…

Loreto Mexico Best Places To Visit In
03/03/2021 - Destination

Loreto Mexico: One of the Best Places to Visit in 2021

Over the past several years, the small town of Loreto has become one of the best places to visit in Mexico, attracting travelers from all over the world to relax on the beach and explore the local…

Visiting Loreto Mexico With Kids
03/03/2021 - Destination

Visiting Loreto, Mexico with Kids

Almost any city in Mexico is ideal for cultural explorations and romantic getaways, but when searching for the best destinations in Mexico for families with kids, there are a couple specific things…

How To Get Around Loreto Mexico
03/03/2021 - Destination

How to Get Around Loreto

While you could spend every day of your Loreto vacation lounging by the pool, there’s so much to do and see along the coast that you’ll want to get out and about. Whether you’re visiting the local…

Best Swimming Beaches In Loreto Mexico
02/03/2021 - Destination

The Four Best Swimming Beaches in Loreto

Soft sands and turquoise waters create a picture of paradise, and on the Loreto Mexico beaches, you’ll have plenty of space to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and let the ocean breeze…

Fotos Blogstafe Blog
18/01/2021 - Destination

Loreto’s Best Land Activities

While it’s the sparkling waters of the Sea of Cortez that draw travelers to Loreto, there’s more to discover on land than you might expect. After spending days on the beach and in the water, discover…

Loreto  International  Airport Lto
21/12/2020 - Destination

Everything You Need to Know About the Airport in Loreto, Mexico

The Loreto International Airport welcomes travelers from all over the world to the tropical shores of the Baja Peninsula every day, and it’s your gateway to the vacation of a lifetime. Whether you’re…

Best Time To Visit Loreto Mexico For Good Weather
21/12/2020 - Destination

Best Time to Visit Loreto Mexico for Good Weather

While you won’t see snow in Loreto, if you visit often, you will notice that this coastal town has its own seasons, and if you’re looking for the best time to visit Loreto Mexico, you may want to…

Loreto Hotels Near Tpc Danzante Bay
28/10/2020 - Destination

Loreto Mexico Hotels Near TPC Danzante Bay

TPC Danzante Bay is one of the premier golf courses in Mexico, drawing travelers from around the world to Loreto Baja California Sur. Having quick and convenient access to the course is a priority…

Casa Mia Dining Option In Loreto
16/10/2020 - Destination

Casa Mia: A Delicious Dining Option in Loreto

Even though Loreto Mexico may not be as well known as other destinations, it’s quickly becoming the choice destination for travelers who want to experience Mexico’s unique history and vibrant culture…

Is Loreto Mexico Safe Travel To Loreto
09/09/2020 - Destination

Is Loreto Mexico Safe for Travel?

Loreto Mexico is the ideal destination for travelers looking for all the beauty and excitement of a Mexico vacation but without crowds of tourists. The small-town charm of the city and it’s warm…

Best Activities You Can Do In Loreto Mexico
27/08/2020 - Destination

Top 5 Best Activities You Can Do in Loreto, Mexico

One reason why travelers from all over the world love taking a Loreto Mexico vacation is the unique activities and exciting adventures that await. Whether you’re looking to spend the day at sea or…

Pet Friendly Hotel In Loreto Baja Sur Mexico
10/08/2020 - Destination

Hotel Santa Fe: Your Pet friendly Hotel in Loreto Mexico

Instead of putting your dog in a kennel or paying someone to babysit them, take your furry friend on your next Loreto Mexico vacation, and stay together at the best pet friendly hotel in Loreto: Hotel

Things To Do This Summer In Loreto
14/07/2020 - Destination

5 Things to Do this Summer in Loreto

Summer in Loreto Mexico means warm afternoons and long sunsets, and with hot deals on airfare and resorts, it’s the perfect time for Loreto vacations. Since tourism is typically slower in the summer…

Fishing Packages In Loreto Baja Mexico
04/07/2020 - Destination

Loreto Mexico Fishing Packages

For centuries, sportsmen have been enchanted by the sea, seeking out the biggest fish to catch. While fishing in Loreto Baja Mexico, you’ll get to sail the high seas and track down mahi mahi, marlin…

Dive Sites In Loreto Mexico
04/07/2020 - Destination

Dive Sites in Loreto, Mexico

Scuba diving is an indescribable experience that fills you with awe and wonder. Becoming a certified diver opens the doors to the secrets of the sea, and when you go diving in Loreto Mexico, you’ll be…

Best Places To Eat In Loreto Baja Mexico
03/07/2020 - Destination

The Best Places to Eat in Loreto Mexico

Between dips in the sea and hikes in the mountains, there’s no better way to refuel than delicious food at one of the best restaurants in Loreto Mexico. No matter what you’re craving, you’ll be able…

Flights To Loreto Mexico Airlines
18/03/2020 - Destination

Flights to Loreto Mexico

Loreto Mexico is a small seaside town that has gradually been gaining in popularity among travelers seeking both a breathtaking vacation destination and a haven for all kinds of outdoor activities. As…

Coronado Island In Loreto Mexico
18/03/2020 - Destination

Coronado Island - A Favorite in Loreto Mexico

If you’ve been dreaming all winter about escaping to a tropical island, Coronado Island in Loreto Mexico will make your dreams a reality. Gently sloping out of the turquoise waters of the Sea of…

Best Tourist Attractions In Loreto Baja Sur Mexico
05/03/2020 - Destination

The 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Loreto

Loreto Mexico is a destination for all kinds of vacations: honeymoons, golf getaways, family vacations, and girls’ weekends. No matter what brings you here, the variety of tourist attractions in…

Get To Loreto Mexico From Cabo San Lucas
03/03/2020 - Destination

The Best Way to Get to Loreto Mexico from Cabo San Lucas

Traveling within Mexico is one of the best ways to see the country and all it offers. Even along the same coast, the different destinations throughout the country are distinct, each offering a unique…

Discover Cave Paintings In Baja Mexico La Borja Cave
09/01/2020 - Destination

Discover Cave Paintings in Baja Mexico

Loreto Baja California Sur Mexico has a history that dates back thousands of years to prehistoric times, and while life on the peninsula looks very different today, you can still see traces of ancient…

Loreto Mexico Activities Kayak
08/01/2020 - Destination

Loreto Mexico: A Destination for Kayak Lovers

Loreto Mexico is a dream destination for those who love exploring the outdoors by land or by sea. One of the most popular things to do in Loreto is kayaking. Gliding across the clear waters of the Sea…

How To Get To Loreto Baja Sur Mexico
29/11/2019 - Destination

How to Get to Loreto, Baja California Sur

Loreto Mexico is one of the premier destinations in the country, nestled on the virgin shores of Baja California. Despite its growing popularity, it’s still a quiet, charming town where you can escape…

Snorkeling In Loreto Baja Mexico
29/11/2019 - Destination

The Best Snorkeling in Loreto Mexico

Along the shores of Loreto Baja California Sur Mexico, you’ll discover sparkling views of the Sea of Cortez, but for the best view of the ocean, you’ll need to grab a mask and snorkel. The ocean in…

Guide To Whale Watching In Loreto Baja California
12/11/2019 - Destination

A Guide to Whale Watching in Loreto Baja California

In Loreto Baja California, the mysteries of the sea often lie far beneath the surface of the water, but every now and then, they rise to the top and sometimes break through. Rising from thousands of…

Fishing In Loreto Mexico
04/11/2019 - Destination

The Best Time to Go Fishing in Loreto Mexico

Since indigenous tribes settled on the Baja Peninsula, Loreto Mexico fishing has been one of the primary activities on the sea. During the 1900s, many wealthy Californian fishermen would fly privately…

Loreto Mexico Best Beaches
01/10/2019 - Destination

Best Loreto Mexico Beaches

Loreto Mexico attracts a variety of travelers: honeymooners, golfers, explorers, and yogis. No matter what brings you to Loreto Baja California Sur Mexico, it’s the stunning beaches that make you want…

Hotel Santa Loreto Baja California Sur Mexico
01/10/2019 - Destination

Make Hotel Santa Fe Loreto Your Home Away From Home

Whether you’ve been exploring Loreto Mexico for years or you’ve just discovered this gorgeous destination on the Baja Peninsula, there’s always something new to try. Hotel Santa Fe Loreto has been a…

Loreto Bay Mexico Coronado Island
28/08/2019 - Destination

Loreto Bay National Marine Park

A Must When Visiting Loreto Baja California

Often described as the "Aquarium of the World," the Loreto Bay National Marine Park, which lies just off the coast of Loreto Baja California Mexico, is a…

Tabor Canyon Loreto Mexico
29/06/2019 - Destination

Climbing Adventure Tabor Canyon - Loreto Mexico

Experience the desert wildlife at the Tabor Canyon in Loreto Mexico. One of the activities you can do during your vacation in Loreto is an adventure through the mountains to discover  the heart of…

Catamaran Snorkel And Kayak In Loreto Baja California
28/06/2019 - Destination

Catamaran Snorkel and Kayak in Loreto Baja California

Some of Baja’s best beaches are found hidden in the islands of Loreto Baja California Mexico. Have fun in the sun sailing to the islands on a 35 foot catamaran. Cruise across the clear blue waters of…

Loreto Baja California Mexico Sunset Cruise
28/06/2019 - Destination

Sunsets in Loreto Baja Mexico

The sunsets in Loreto Baja California Mexico are hard to beat and best seen from the water. Sit back and relax on a Sunset Cruise. Enjoy fun music and the jaw dropping views of La Giganta mountains.

Fishing In Loreto Mexico Packages For Anglers
28/06/2019 - Destination

Fishing in Loreto Mexico - Packages for Anglers

If you are planning your upcoming vacations to Loreto Mexico and enjoy fishing, you can find special prices at Hotel Santa Fe Loreto.

Contact our reservations team for more information on fishing…

Coronado Island Adventure Loreto Baja Mexico
28/06/2019 - Destination

Coronado Island Adventure - Loreto Baja Mexico

Coronado island is home to great snorkel spots, white sand beaches and a sea lion colony. It’s the most visited due to its close proximity to Loreto Baja California. Tours to Coronado Island include a…

Whale Watching In Loreto Baja California
28/06/2019 - Destination

Whale Watching in Loreto Baja California

One of the best things to do in Loreto Baja California during december through march  is Whale Watching. Experience one of the most incredible close up wildlife encounters on the planet with the

San Javier Mission Baja Jalifornia
28/06/2019 - Destination

San Javier Mission in Loreto Baja California

Historic missions mountain. Oasis Cave paintings discover the jewel of Baja San Javier. The construction of the Church of San Francisco Javier begun in 1744 and was finished in 1759.  The tours to San

Medio Maraton K Loreto
25/06/2019 - Destination

Loreto 21k Half Marathon

The association of Hotels and providers of tourist services of Loreto A. C., the Government of Loreto and the Instituto Sudcaliforniano del Deporte extend the invitation to participate in the Loreto…

The Blue Whale In Loreto Bcs
25/06/2019 - Destination

The blue whale in Loreto, BCS

Note for The blue whale is the largest of the planet and the history animal. And as happens every winter, it is possible to admire it in the sea of Cortez. In the area of the Marine…

Blue Whale On The Sea Of Cortez
19/06/2019 - Destination

The arrival of the Blue Giant to the waters of the Sea of Cortez

The mammal arrives at the waters of the Bahia de Loreto National Park in Baja California Sur, between January and March to feed, mate and give birth to their calves. The blue whale is included in the…