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Published on 31/01/2023

Annual Events and Festivals in Loreto, Mexico

Annual Events And Festivals In Loreto Mexico

If there is something that stands out about Mexican culture more than anything else, it is the festive celebrations that take place throughout the year! The colors, the music, the food, the people; that’s exactly what moves travelers to choose Mexico as their vacation destination. There is no better way to experience the culture of Mexico than by going to a local festival, such as the many Loreto events that take place each month. Diverse Loreto events, in addition to the numerous fishing tournaments, top the list of things to do in Loreto Mexico. The city is a national gem, and its festivals and yearly events are a reflection of this magical town’s rich heritage. Check out the Loreto events calendar, which is packed with great activities, festivals, and tournaments you won’t want to miss. 

Loreto Festivals

Carnaval - February/March

Similar to the festivals of Mardi Gras, Carnaval in Loreto is an event with traditional music, incredible parades, local ceremonies, and lots of dancing that lasts for four days.

Festival  Almeja Chocolata - June

The festival includes culinary events that have clams, either grilled, papered, au gratin, “witch” and even in tamales as their flagship ingredient.

Fiestas de Nuestra Señora de Loreto - September

Among the Loreto events worth attending if you are in town is the festival of Our Lady of Loreto. It provides a real immersion into Mexico’s, and particularly the Baja’s, culture in this highly cherished tradition among locals in Loreto. Numerous religious acts and processions take place during these four days and the image of Our Lady of Loreto is accompanied through town with pilgrimages and novenas. September is also the month when Independence is celebrated in Mexico, so the town dresses up with many allusive decorations.

Independence Day Celebrations - September 15-16

Visitors are invited to join in as the nation celebrates its Independence Day with traditional festivities, including El Grito, or Cry of Dolores, fireworks, and festive gatherings. 

Loreto 400 Off-Road Race - September

Likely one of the most unique things you’ll see in Loreto Mexico, this off-road race brings excitement and adventure to the table.  

The Foundation of Loreto - October

A number of parades and cultural events take place in the magical town of Loreto in October commemorating the foundation of this coastal city, so important in the region’s development, not just the Baja but the Californias. The Mission of Our Lady of Loreto was the first of 18 missions and religion played an important role in the assimilation of the new culture after the Spanish conquest. 

Triathlon- November

Loreto receives competitors from different parts of the country to participate in this sporting event.

Fiesta de San Javier - December

As just mentioned, religion played an important role in the region, becoming part of the traditions and celebrations still taking place in Loreto today, like the Fiesta de San Javier celebrated on the 3rd of December every year. With pilgrimages from the Mission of Our Lady of Loreto to the Mission of San Javier, the festival is crowned with fireworks. It is a very popular festival with music and sporting events for all to enjoy. 

Loreto Fishing Calendar

Among the events in Loreto that bring more people from around the world are Loreto’s top notch fishing tournaments. Loreto Mexico is already well known as a world-class fishing destination, and you can come experience it firsthand in one of the many Loreto fishing tournaments taking place throughout the year. You never know, you could come back home with that dreamt-of trophee for your wall; you’ll never know if you don’t reel in the chance.  


Female Fishing Tournament Pink Promise

Puerto Escondido Marina


Gastronomic Tournament

Blue Anchor


Fishing for the Mission

Gilding Rummage (Dorando Rumble)


Torneo Pesca " CCTPVSD "

Torneo Pesca Estatal "Fishing in the 5"


Dorado Challenge

Did someone say Fiesta? You’ll find a bit of everything to celebrate life in Loreto. Check with your on-site concierge for more local suggestions and events in Loreto.