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Published on 25/01/2022

Taking Your Dog to the Beach

Taking Your Dog To The Beach

For animal lovers, there’s no better way to travel than with your dog by your side. Rather than worrying about them being left behind, you can explore the world together, and watching them run and play in the sand adds extra joy to your vacation. Loreto is a pet-friendly city, and when you book your vacation at a hotel that allows dogs, you can take in the sites together. If you’re not traveling from another coastal destination, there are a few things you should know about how to care for your dog at the beach. As you laugh and play together, it’s important to be responsible for both your dog’s safety and the comfort of those around you.

Packing a Doggie Bag for the Beach

Taking my dog to the beach is so exciting that it’s easy to rush out the door, but before you go, you’ll want to bring some items just for them to keep them cool and comfortable. One of the most important steps for how to care for your dog at the beach is to make sure they have an ID tag with your phone number on it. If you’re traveling and won’t have phone service, get one that has your name and the name of your hotel on it. These are a few other things you’ll want to pack for your time at the beach:

  • Fresh water and a bowl
  • Their own towel
  • Beach umbrella
  • Canine life vest
  • Poop baggies
  • Food or treats
  • Waterproof toys that can float
  • Brush or comb

How to Care for Your Dog at the Beach

Before letting your dog run across the beach, be sure to check any posted signs to see if they can be off leash. Then, check the surrounding area for any broken bottles or litter they might step on. As you run and play, it’s important to keep them cool and hydrated. Take plenty of breaks in the shade, and since saltwater will upset their stomachs, continually provide them with fresh water. If your dog loves to swim, give them a lifejacket to help them stay afloat in the waves. 

What to Do at the Beach with Your Dog

Every dog has its own personality, and while most of them will love a good long walk along the shore, some are more content to sit at your side while others want to run nonstop. For active dogs, bring waterproof toys that can float in the water, and spend time playing fetch with them. If they need to be on a leash, consider purchasing a long one that allows them to run around a bit. As you monitor their behavior and notice it’s time for them to cool off, tie their leash to your chair or hold onto it while you relax together in the shade. Taking my dog to the beach is a big responsibility, so it’s important to always keep your eye on them. Even if your dog is friendly, keep them from running up to other beachgoers or dogs. If they do want to play with other dogs, be sure to check with their owners first to see if their dog wants to play too. 

Cleaning off the Salt and Sand

While there’s so many fun options for what to do at the beach with your dog, dealing with all the salt water and sand isn’t as enjoyable, but it’s important to clean them up before you drag all the dirt into your hotel room. Before leaving the beach, use a brush or towel to knock loose sand off. Most public beaches have a shower area with fresh water, and rinsing off the salt will keep it from irritating their skin. While being respectful to people using the showers, give your dog a good rinse. Then, your towel and brush can help dry them off and get any remaining sand out.

Taking your dog to the beach and seeing their smile as they roll in the sand and jump in the waves adds a little extra joy to the experience, and Loreto is a dog-friendly city where you can spend the day playing together. However, when it comes to what to do at the beach with your dog, it’s important to consider their health and safety. By being responsible, they’ll love their time outside with you, and you won’t run into problems with other beachgoers.