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Published on 23/08/2021

What Airlines Fly to Loreto, Mexico?

Who Flies To Loreto Mexico

In Loreto, Mexico, travelers find the perfect combination of cultural charms and world-class amenities, making it an ideal destination for exploring the warmth of Mexico and relaxing in style. It’s a city where you can be as active or laidback as you want. While some travelers do make the trip by car, the city’s international airport makes it easy to catch direct flights to Loreto (LTO) from the US or Canada.

What Airlines Fly to Loreto?

With more travelers looking for flights to Loreto Mexico, the number of airlines offering service here continues to grow. Currently, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Calafia, Volaris, and WestJet offer regular service into Loreto. Connect to these flights to make your escape to paradise quick and easy.

Flights from San Francisco

Alaska Airlines just broke the news that they’ll be offering seasonal flights to Loreto from San Francisco, California. Beginning December 18th, travelers will be able to score direct flights from the Bay area to the magic town of Loreto every Saturday, making it easier than ever to escape to paradise. 

Flights from Los Angeles

Los Angeles’s LAX is one of the biggest transportation hubs in the world, and it’s where many journeys to Loreto begin. Alaska Airlines has multiple direct flights to Loreto out of LAX, each arriving in less than two hours. During the main tourist season between November and May, American Airlines flights take off daily between LAX and Loreto.

Flights from San Diego via the Cross Border Xpress

Located on the border between Mexico and the US, San Diego is a popular crossing point, and to make travel more convenient and affordable, the Cross Border Xpress is a walkway that connects the San Diego International Airport (SAN) with the Tijuana International Airport (TIJ). Once you pass through customs here, you can catch a domestic flight aboard Calafia Airlines on Sundays and Thursdays or with Volaris on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. These flights to Loreto Mexico land in just 1 hour and 40 minutes, making them the quickest flights between Loreto and the US.

Flights from Dallas

The newest direct flights to Loreto connect LTO to Dallas (DFW). This weekly flight with American Airlines operates on Saturdays, and from take off to touch down, it’s just 2 hours and 45 minutes. With these speedy flights, you’ll spend more of your vacation time swimming in the ocean and lounging under the shade of palm trees.

Flights from Phoenix

American Airlines has made Phoenix (PHX) their latest destination to connect with Loreto. Throughout the year, they have weekly service on Thursdays and Saturdays, and when tourism picks up between December and May, they also fly on Sundays and Mondays. Their flights between Phoenix and Loreto are quick, taking only 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Flights from Calgary

For Canadians looking to exchange their winter coats for T-shirts and flip-flops, the easiest connection is on the direct flight from Calgary (YYC). This flight with WestJet Airlines is the only direct route between Canada and Loreto. Beginning on November 7, they have a single flight on Saturdays, and on December 19, they’ll add an additional one on Sundays. Their last flight is at the end of April, giving travelers the perfect chance to escape the frigid northern winds in the winter.

Flights from La Paz

For outdoor enthusiasts, La Paz (LAP) is another destination in Baja California Sur not to be missed, and if you’re wanting to visit Loreto as well, there’s a flight on board Calafia Airlines that connects the two in just 45 minutes. They offer service on Sundays and Thursdays, giving travelers time to explore each city before returning home.

These flights to Loreto Mexico connect the world with the city’s peaceful tranquility. When you board your flight, you’ll have just a short journey until you’re walking along the Sea of Cortez and sinking your teeth into fresh seafood.

CitiesAirlinesFlight TimesConnections
San FranciscoAlaska Airlines2h 40m
Los Angeles
Alaska Airlines
1h 58m
San Diego - Tijuana
Volaris and Calafia 1h 45m
American Airlines
3h 8m
American Airlines
2h 4m
3h 59m
La PazVolaris and Calafia