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Published on 09/01/2020

Discover Cave Paintings in Baja Mexico

Discover Cave Paintings In Baja Mexico La Borja Cave

Loreto Baja California Sur Mexico has a history that dates back thousands of years to prehistoric times, and while life on the peninsula looks very different today, you can still see traces of ancient civilizations if you know where to look. In the mountains and caves surrounding the city, artifacts and paintings from centuries ago are preserved, and by visiting these sites, travelers can enjoy enriching historic vacations. Some of the most famous sites to see are the cave paintings tucked deep inside the mountains, but there are some that are more accessible for travelers. Discovering the story of Loreto Mexico preserved in cave paintings will make your journey unforgettable.

The cave paintings in the Sierra Madre mountains remind us that we’re not the first to explore the wonders of Loreto Baja California Sur Mexico. Carbon dating on these paintings indicate that they were created by indigenous civilizations in Baja Mexico up to 7,000 years ago. While there isn’t much other information preserved about these people, gazing at the paintings gives us a little insight into what life might have been like, and traveling to these sites turns ordinary trips into adventure vacations. Witnessing such well-preserved remnants of the past is one of the most incredible things to do in Loreto

Thanks to the dry air of Loreto Mexico and the distance of most of the caves from town, the stunning cave paintings are still visible today. Historic vacations to see the paintings are also made possible by UNESCO, which has declared them to be World Heritage Sites. Because of this special honor, only trained guides in Baja Mexico are allowed to take visitors inside the caves, preserving these wonders for future generations of explorers on adventure vacations. Traveling out to the sites is one of the most enriching things to do in Loreto for those looking for historic vacations to learn more about Mexico’s history.

Because of the secluded location of these paintings and the protection given to the sites, you’ll need to book a tour to see them. One of the closest sites to Loreto Mexico is La Pinguica. To reach the site, you’ll travel in a 4x4 vehicle north of the city for over an hour. The last part of your journey is a hike along a dry riverbed. As you walk, your guide will point out the natural flora and fauna that makes this region of Mexico uniquely beautiful. Finally, you’ll reach La Pinguica, home of ancient petroglyphs (rock carvings) and pictographs (cave paintings). As you explore the site, you’ll feel transported into Baja Mexico’s past, giving you a deeper connection to the Mexican culture. Other locations where you can see cave paintings are Santo Domingo near San Javier mission, San Borjita (Sierra de San Francisco) and Sierra de Guadalupe. Between the Sierra de San Francisco and the Sierra de Guadalupe have been located 1,600 sites of cave painting of the style called "Great Mural". These paintings represent 43% of the total in Mexico and  is one of the five most important concentrations in the world.

There are a million things to do in Loreto Baja California Sur Mexico, but for true adventure vacations, travelers head out of town to see the famous cave paintings of the Sierra Madre mountains. Historic vacations not only provide you with interesting photos, but they open your mind to a country’s past and the smallness of our place in the world’s story. Witnessing the cave paintings and supporting their preservation through professional guides will help mankind continue to learn from the past.