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Published on 03/12/2022

A Day at Coronado Island in Loreto

A Day At Coronado Island In Loreto

If you’re planning a trip to Loreto, Mexico, and want to take it up a notch, a visit to the unique natural landscape and pristine waters of Isla Coronado cannot possibly be missed on your Loreto itinerary. Isla Coronado, or Coronado Island, is a true treasure in the Sea of Cortez just off the shores of Loreto, Mexico where white sands and turquoise waters, zero crowds and many activities await after a short 20-minute boat ride from Loreto. Pack your beach tote with some biodegradable sunscreen, a towel, your swimsuit and a taste for adventure, and get ready for a memorable day at Isla Coronado in Loreto.

What You’ll Find at Coronado Island in Loreto

In a few words, at Coronado Island in Loreto, you’ll find everything a vacationer is looking for in a remote getaway. Isla Coronado is like a Caribbean Mexico destination, but so much better! It offers its visitors the white sand beaches, the turquoise, pristine, clear waters, the exotic fauna; the sun, and the fun of the Mexican Caribbean, but WITHOUT the bustle and hustle of other Mexico vacation destinations. Coronado Island in Loreto is the best of both worlds, and just a step away from your already promising Loreto vacation. No stores, no hotels, just the blue ocean, sun and nature. 

What You Won’t Find on Coronado Island

The almost virgin nature of Coronado Island invites planning ahead; don't leave behind the essentials to enjoy your stay. Although camping options may be available with a special permit, Isla Coronado is usually a day tour. Experience the endemic fauna first hand, like Coronado Island’s own colony of sea lions, and the already mentioned white, sandy beaches, tropical vibe, and of course, the well-known magic of Mexican destinations where the joyful moments become everlasting memories. 

What to do while at Isla Coronado

Make the most out of your visit to Coronado Island by checking out the activities that you can find during your day getaway at this destination near Loreto. Offering something for all age groups and interests, Isla Coronado is an outstanding destination during your Loreto vacation for all the family to enjoy. You’ll find snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, birdwatching, nature trails, a sea lion colony, turtles, fishing, or just basking in the sun the whole day. On your way to Isla of Coronado from Loreto you’ll also have the awesome opportunity to watch dolphins or even whales during the winter months. Seen from any angle, Coronado Island is a safe bet for family fun from the beginning till the end. 

How to get to Coronado Island from Loreto

Most people visiting Isla Coronado do so on a tour. Tour companies are many so spend some time scouting around until you find the right fit for you. The boat ride is usually 20 to 30 minutes to Coronado Island departing from Loreto. Have your camera ready as you’re sure to find many picture perfect moments from the moment you set foot onboard.  

There’s no better combination than an idyllic destination and memorable moments! Isla Coronado at Loreto Mexico fills in all the boxes. Check it out for yourself!