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Published on 03/03/2021

How to Get Around Loreto

How To Get Around Loreto Mexico

While you could spend every day of your Loreto vacation lounging by the pool, there’s so much to do and see along the coast that you’ll want to get out and about. Whether you’re visiting the local museums or grabbing a bite to eat, you’ll have a few options for transportation in Loreto. Some are cheaper than others, but they’re all very affordable, especially in comparison to transportation in other countries. 

1. Taxis

Because there’s no Uber in Loreto, the most common form of public transportation is a local taxi, and since Loreto is a relatively small town, you won’t need to spend more than $10-20USD per trip. These taxis can take you to beaches farther away and nearby towns. Taking an official taxi is also the most reliable option for transportation in Loreto at night. While the city is very safe, finding your way home at night can get tricky, and the local taxi drivers are a friendly guide to the city. Since there is no Uber in Loreto, there’s something charming about catching a local taxi and chatting with your driver about small-town life in Mexico. 

2. Rental Cars

For more independence and day trips in Baja California Sur, many travelers book a car rental in Loreto Mexico. From the moment you land until you take off, having a car rental in Loreto Mexico gives you freedom to explore to your heart’s content. Before booking your car rental in Loreto Mexico, check with your credit card company about insurance options for traveling abroad. Figuring out your options for rental car insurance ahead of time could leave you with more money in your pocket for your adventures. Make sure to verify that the insurance you’ve selected is accepted by the car rental company you’ve chosen. Many third party websites offer full coverage options that are not accepted by the actual rental company, which means you might end up having to leave hefty deposits if you aren’t careful.

3. Walking

When you’re staying downtown, the best of Loreto is right out your door, and using your own two feet for transportation in Loreto gives you a better view of the city. As you walk, you’ll become familiar with street names and local landmarks. Plus, you’ll get some good exercise during your vacation. Because the city is so safe, you can leisurely take your time and visit boutiques and shops on your way. 

4. Airport Shuttles

The first transportation you’ll need in Loreto is from the airport. One of the simplest options is a taxi from Loreto airport. Because the airport is so close to downtown, taking a taxi from Loreto airport will cost under $20USD, and the ride is quick. If you’re nervous about arriving or getting back to the airport on time, you can also prearrange shuttle service between the airport and your hotel. Whether you take a shuttle or taxi from Loreto airport, you’ll find both options right outside arrivals.

While some travelers may think they’ll be lost without Uber in Loreto, the local taxi drivers will help you get to know the city better, and for unlimited freedom, you can rent your own car. With either option, you can still opt to walk to nearby restaurants, beaches, and shop, and as you stroll the streets, you’ll start to feel like a local in Loreto.