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Published on 05/05/2021

Discover the Best Views in Loreto

Discover The Best Views In Loreto Mexico

Everywhere you look in Loreto Mexico, you’ll be surrounded by natural beauty and a vibrant culture. This tranquil destination near Cabo has become a favorite for travelers who want to trade crowds of tourists for scenic views of the mountains and oceans. While some of the best views in Loreto Baja California Sur are easy to reach, you’ll find even more secluded lookout points when you head off the beaten path. On your next vacation, check out these spectacular views in Loreto.

1. Malecon

Start and end your day with a stroll along the downtown Malecon boardwalk in Loreto Mexico, and you’ll have sweeping views of the sunrise and sunset. The boardwalk runs directly along the beach, so you’ll have uninterrupted views of the ocean and a safe place for some exercise. Afterwards, stop by a local cafe or restaurant to relax and refuel.

2. Tabor Canyon

Tucked into the Sierra de la Giganta mountains, Tabor Canyon is one of the best hiking spots near Loreto. As you hike through the canyon, you’ll discover waterfalls, pools of water, and local flora and fauna. If you scramble up the rocks, you’ll also have a bird’s eye view of the Bay of Loreto. While you could drive out to the trailhead on your own, going with a knowledgeable local guide who can teach you about this unique ecosystem will give you a much more enriching and educational experience.

3. Ensenada Blanca

The beaches near Cabo are known for their beauty, but when you visit a quieter destination like Loreto, you’ll discover secluded shorelines where you can spread out. The beaches here are known for their wide open spaces, and as you walk along Ensenada Blanca, one of the city's best beaches, you’ll be able to look out across the water at the Islands of Loreto. The view of these rocky islands rising out of the sea has enchanted travelers for years.

4. Tripui Hill

Just south of the city of Loreto Baja California Sur, Tripui Hill is one of the best spots for hiking, and without having to go far, you’ll get to an incredible lookout over the ocean. The trail system on the hill has about three miles of trails, perfect for the whole family, and if you’re traveling with a dog, they’ll love getting to run here. When you hike back down, you’ll be able to jump in the ocean to cool off.

5. TPC Danzante Bay

When Rees Jones designed TPC Danzante Bay, he had miles of undeveloped land to create from, and as he built the golf course into the natural curves and undulations of the land, he showcased some of the best views of Loreto Mexico. After playing into the canyons, the course will take you back towards the beach and up to cliffs overlooking the ocean. The view from the 17th hole is the best on the course, offering golfers a chance to pause and soak up the beauty of Loreto Baja California Sur. 

Photo credit:  @alancisnerosphoto

If you’re looking for beautiful views near Cabo without the crowds of tourists, travel to Loreto Mexico, where the small-town hospitality and world-class service make it the ultimate destination. Here, you’ll be surrounded by the mountains and the sea, with views that will take your breath away.