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Published on 14/12/2022

5 Loreto Beaches You Won’t Want to Miss

Loreto Mexico Beaches You Wont Want To Miss

Besides the charming town of Loreto and its famous Playa Darsena in the city center, there are other beaches in Loreto that you won’t want to miss on your next trip to Loreto, Mexico. Bring along a good beach tote and get ready to scout out these 5 Loreto beaches most people don’t know about but should.

Best beaches to visit in Loreto, Mexico

1. Playa Ligüi

Located about 30 minutes south of Loreto, Playa Ligüi is one of the beaches in Loreto known as a spot where local fishermen embark and disembark. Mainly of dark sand, Playa Ligüi offers an interesting and quiet setting, perfect if you want to be away from the crowds. It is a great site for paddling, as well as swimming and snorkeling. Aside from the local fishermen, only the mosquitoes might pay a visit after sunset, so bring some biodegradable bug spray just in case. A location highly recommended by campers, Playa Ligüi offers stunning sunsets, nice quiet walks along the seashore, and a place to unwind while basking under the sun. Some people describe Playa Ligüi as their favorite spot in Baja.

Photo: Valentina Medini

2. Playa Juncalito

Almost 2.8 miles long, Playa Juncalito is another Loreto beach you want to plan to include on your itinerary. It is located within the Loreto Bay National Park. Its waters are usually calm and crystalline, which makes it the perfect place to practice snorkeling, kayaking, rappelling, fishing, and camping. There’s a small population of about 50 people in Juncalito that provide visitors with food services and water activities. Playa Juncalito does get busy during vacations and local festivities when locals have time off, but this beach in Loreto definitely stands out for its beauty; so it doesn’t matter the time of the year, definitely consider coming by before you leave Loreto.

Photo: Cynthia Ruiz Cabrera

3. Playa La Negrita

If you’re traveling with a furry companion, Playa la Negrita is known to be a pet-friendly beach in Loreto. Perfect to walk during sunrise or sunset, just keep an eye on the pebbles if you’re barefooted. The gray sand is covered by a pebble bed, not too bad but might be worth the while bringing a pair of comfy shoes if your prime goal is to walk along its spacious coastline.

Playa La Negrita is also a great swimming beach in Loreto. Its gentle, crystal-clear waters are very welcoming and the area is mostly protected from waves. You can find some sun umbrellas in the area, but no sun loungers or close-by beach bars. Packing water is a great idea, particularly if you’re coming with a furry friend for a stroll; there’s no natural shade so be cautious on a hot day.

Photo: Macdiel Vazquez

4. Playa La Salinita

A little further out, Playa La Salinita is located closer to the International Airport in Loreto. This beach in Loreto is regularly visited by locals during the weekend and it is well known for its clam production. Therefore, if you want to do like locals do, come by La Salinita and have a taste of the region’s famous chocolate clams at this Loreto beach.

Photo: Kris Crawford

5. Playa Oasis

Playa Oasis is a beach in Loreto located at the south end of the Malecón. A section of the beach is restricted for hotel use, yet there’s plenty of room if you want to visit a close-by beach where family members can relax, have fun and enjoy some of the on-site activities, like snorkeling. Having a beach bar in the area is another reason to consider basking under the sun at this spot. Near the city center and easy access in and out, Playa Oasis could also be a beach stop in between sightseeing around the town of Loreto.

Photo: Ramirez LM.

Main photo credit: Wade Smith.