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Published on 22/12/2021

Things to Do with Kids in Loreto

Things To Do With Kids In Loreto

Traveling the world with your kids gives them the opportunity to experience history and learn about other cultures, and Loreto is one of the safest destinations in Mexico where they can walk through rugged mountains and swim in the sea. While the options for what to do in Loreto include many romantic and leisurely activities for adults, there’s also plenty of activities for children in Loreto that moms and dads will love too. These are a few of the best activities for kids in Loreto that showcase the best of the city.

1. Stroll the Malecon Boardwalk

The best activities for kids in Loreto let them get their energy out, and along the Malecon boardwalk, they can run and explore. This walkway runs for a mile between the center of downtown and the beach, giving you panoramic views of the Islands of Loreto. It’s a safe spot for a morning jog or an afternoon stroll with the whole family.

2. Take a Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling gives travelers a chance to witness the wonders of the sea that fill the Loreto National Marine Park, and with a lifejacket, this is one of the most exciting things to do in Loreto with kids. Explore the shoreline along the beach, or take a tour out to the Islands of Loreto to see more wild marine life in their natural habitat. 

3. Learn to Paddleboard

Traveling gives kids a chance to try new things, and for most, paddleboarding is a new adventure. Because it requires good balance and physical strength, it’s one of the things to do in Loreto with kids who are older, but if your kids are younger, they’ll still love riding along while mom and dad paddle.

4. Sail Out on a Whale Watching Tour

Every year, humpback, blue, and grey whales migrate to the coast of Mexico for the winter, and sailing out on a boat and spotting these massive mammals splashing at the surface of the sea is one of the best activities for kids in Loreto, giving them an exciting adventure as they learn about the natural world. With an onboard marine biologist, this is one of the many activities for children in Loreto that’s just as educational as it is fun. 

5. Visit Our Lady of Loreto Mission, Museum, and Plaza

Part of traveling the world is walking in the footsteps of history, and this is one of the important activities for children in Loreto, helping them immerse themselves in the local culture. The first permanent Spanish mission in the Californias, this church tells the history of the city, and the museum houses artifacts that date back hundreds of years. Afterwards, wander the plaza and sit down at one of the local restaurants for the best authentic Mexican food. 

6. Splash in the Pool

Splashing in the hotel pool is a timeless and classic option for what to do in Loreto, and while kids practice their tricks and race across the pool, parents can relax with a good book. It’s these small moments that create lifelong memories.

7. Enjoy the Beach

The beaches of Loreto are tranquil with scenic views of the horizon, and the gentle waves make swimming here one of the top things to do in Loreto with kids. During your beach day, splash in the waves, build sandcastles, and race along the coast. Just be sure to reapply sunblock every two hours and drink plenty of water. 

8. Play a Round of Golf

Golfing at TPC Danzante Bay is at the top of the list of what to do in Loreto, and with older kids, it’s a great family activity with friendly competition. Depending on your kids’ abilities and interest, you might want to play just a nine-hole round, but experiencing the natural beauty of the course and landscape makes it worth it.