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Published on 18/06/2021

Explore Loreto on These Tours

Explore Loreto On These Tours

Traveling to Loreto Mexico gives you the chance to explore another culture as you discover the beauty of the land and sea. With the variety of things to do in Loreto, every traveler will discover adventures that appeal to them, and by taking these local tours, you’ll get to see all the diversity of the area. From hiking up mountain peaks to diving into the depths of the sea, these tours showcase the best of Loreto.

Whale Watching Tour

The most unique travelers who come every year to Loreto are blue whales and grey whales. Sailing out to sea to spot these magnificent creatures breaching the surface of the water is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget. Whales generally arrive along the coast of Mexico in December and stay through March, so be sure to plan ahead if this is something you’re looking forward to. Learn more about the Gray Whale Watching Tour.

Coronado Island Tour

To discover the hidden wonders of the islands, you’ll need to book a tour. Coronado Island is one of the biggest ones, and here, you can swim with the sea lions, spot tropical birds, and snorkel with the fish. After all these activities, relax on the white sandy beaches with a picnic lunch of traditional Mexican cuisine before hiking around the island to see its unique ecosystem. View Coronado Island Tour from Loreto.

Danzante Island Tour

Danzante Island rises stoically off the coast of Loreto, and on an island tour, you’ll see what makes it unique. After a speedy boat ride across the water, you’ll be able to stroll along the beach and swim in the sea around the island. Contact Danzante Tours.

Island Hopping & Nature Watching

To see more of the islands, hop aboard an island hopping tour, and spot all the wildlife that earned the Sea of Cortez the nickname of “The Aquarium of the World.” As you boat across the water and stop at various islands, your guide will point out dolphins, manta rays, and sea lions. Click here to learn more about this tour

Snorkeling & Kayaking 

Grab a snorkel or paddle for an active day at sea. Snorkeling and kayaking tours are one of the best things to do in Loreto, sailing you out to where the water is teeming with tropical marine life. With an open bar and music on board, it’s a fun day at sea with activities the whole family can enjoy together. Click here to learn more about the Snorkeling & Kayaking by Catamaran Tour.

San Javier Mission Tour

Head out of Loreto, and step back in time on the San Javier Mission Tour. On this day trip, you’ll drive down the road away from the city, stopping to admire the landscape of the desert and natural flora and fauna. After exploring along the way, you’ll arrive at San Javier, the best preserved mission in the Californias. Established in 1699, it’s one of the most beautiful sites to visit near Loreto. Learn more about this tour.

Hiking Tours

Hiking is the perfect way to get in some exercise while exploring the rugged beauty of the Sierra de la Giganta Mountains, and there are multiple hiking tours, giving you something new to explore each time you visit. Some of them have natural pools and waterfalls, and along the way, your local guide will point out the plants and creatures that make this area unique. Learn more about hiking tours in Loreto.

Cave Painting Hikes

One of the most unique hiking tours near Loreto takes you back in time to see the cave paintings of La Pinguica. This site has expertly preserved examples of petroglyphs (rock carvings) and pictographs (cave paintings). After learning about the area’s ancient history, you’ll be treated to a traditional Mexican lunch before returning to Loreto. Cave Panting Tour in Loreto.

Scuba Diving

Nothing can compare to the feeling of being suspended under the surface of the water, surrounded on all sides by tropical fish. The Loreto National Marine Park has some of the best diving spots, so whether you’re an experienced diver or a traveler seeking a new adventure, book a tour to discover life under the sea. Dive tours in Loreto.

Sportfishing Tour

All year long, there’s plenty of sportfishing in Loreto, and with an experienced guide, you’ll catch blue marlin, sailfish, and yellowtail. After a fishing trip, you’ll feast on fresh seafood that you’ve caught yourself, one of the most memorable experiences to have in Loreto. Sportfishing tours in Loreto.

Horseback Riding

In Mexican culture, cowboys embody traditional values and hardwork, and on these horseback riding trips, you’ll see the land as they have for hundreds of years. This is one of the best things to do in Loreto Mexico to take in the wonders of nature up close. As you ride over the mountains, through the canyons, and along the beach, you’ll want to make sure to wear a hat and sunblock to protect your skin. View horseback riding tour.