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Published on 15/02/2022

Loreto or Cabo San Lucas - Which Destination is Best for Your Vacation?

Loreto Or Cabo Which Destination Is Best For Your Vacation

On the west coast, the Baja Peninsula has some of the best places to vacation in Mexico, including both Loreto and Los Cabos. As you look into what makes them the best Mexico vacation spots, you’ll quickly see that they’re both worth visiting at some point in your lifetime, and while each of them have stunning ocean views and warm hospitality, there are a few things to consider when choosing which destination is right for your next vacation.

Tropical Beaches

Soft sands and striking rock formations make the beaches along the Baja Peninsula the best places to vacation in Mexico, and in both Los Cabos and Loreto, you’ll truly be in a tropical paradise. Because Los Cabos is at the tip of the peninsula, it’s where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, and the mixing of these two large bodies of water can create strong currents. While most of the city’s resorts are along safe swimmable beaches, it’s important to note that not all of them are. Farther up the coast, Loreto Baja California has calmer waters and shallow shorelines that are perfect for younger swimmers.

Photo: Los Metates Beach at Coronado Island, Loreto Mexico.

Photo: Santa Maria beach, Cabo San Lucas.

City Cultures

Los Cabos is known for its parties and nightlife, and if you’re planning a bachelorette party or trip with friends, it’s one of the best Mexico vacation spots. However, there’s also plenty to do with kids in Los Cabos on family vacations. The main area to visit is the downtown marina, which is lined by casual eateries and fine dining options that serve fresh seafood and authentic Mexican cuisine. While Loreto also has delicious restaurants, it’s a much smaller city where you can still experience traditional Mexican culture. The city’s downtown plaza has historic sites, like the first permanent Spanish mission in the Californias, and the small-town vibes make travelers feel safe and welcomed.

Photo: Loreto Mission - Downtown Loreto, Mexico.

Photo: Aerial view of the Marina in Cabo San Lucas.

Tours and Activities

Because both cities have similar environments, you’ll find similar options for what to do in both Loreto and Los Cabos. In Loreto Baja California, you’ll find the country’s only TPC golf course: TPC Danzante Bay. Off the coast, the Islands of Loreto are unique places to explore, and they’re great spots for snorkeling and scuba diving. This area of the Sea of Cortez was even nicknamed “The Aquarium of the World.” Los Cabos is also one of the best Mexico vacation spots for exploring life under the sea. Riding camels along the beach, sailing around Land’s End, and dancing the night away are just a few of the unique things to do in Los Cabos. Both cities are surrounded by gently rolling mountains where hiking and ATVing are popular activities, and at the end of the day, a sunset cruise is the perfect way to watch the sunset.

Photo: Tour to explore the Islands of Loreto.

Photo: Outback Camel Safari, Cabo San Lucas.


Since the cities are in the same state, their weather is fairly similar. Summer’s are hotter, and winter brings cooler temperatures. In the late summer and early fall, Baja California Sur receives rain almost daily. However, most showers are short and follow a predictable schedule, making it easy to plan your outside time for the morning. When the rain comes, curl up with a good book, or pamper yourself with spa services. Because of the location of Los Cabos, it’s more likely to experience tropical storms than Loreto, but these are few and far between.

Photo: View to the Sea of Cortez, Danzante Bay, Loreto.

Photo: Medano Beach, Cabo San Lucas.


While there are more hotels and resorts in Los Cabos, there’s also good lodging options in Loreto. You can find large suites that accommodate bigger families and individual rooms that are perfect for couples. The cost of accommodations range, and you’ll find both lavish resorts and budget-friendly hotels in each destination. The best tip for scoring travel deals is to book your vacation in the summer when tourism is typically lower and travel companies offer their lowest prices of the year.

Photo: View of Loreto boardwalk and bay area at sunrise.

Photo: The Villa Group Resorts on Medano Beach, Cabo San Lucas.

Because Los Cabos and Loreto Baja California are two of the best places to vacation in Mexico, try to visit both of them at some point, but by knowing the difference between them, you’ll be able to travel to each one at the right time. While the parties and nightlife in Los Cabos make it an exciting destination, the tranquility of the cobblestone streets in Loreto allow you to experience small-town life in Mexico, but no matter which one you choose, you’ll have the vacation of a lifetime.