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Published on 22/11/2021

What to See at the Loreto Malecon

What To See At The Loreto Malecon

There’s so much to experience on a Loreto vacation: the natural beauty, exciting tours, cultural history, and delicious cuisine. For a taste of it all, head to Malecón de Loreto, the city’s downtown boardwalk that stretches a mile long between the downtown city and the edge of the Sea of Cortez. Taking a stroll along the malecon gives you a chance to spot several Loreto attractions and discover the local culture.

1. Views and Islands in the Sea of Cortez

Because the malecon runs just along the water’s edge, you’ll have views straight to the horizon. As you look out over the Sea of Cortez, you’ll see the Islands of Loreto rising majestically out of the ocean. While you can take excursions out to explore the islands, you can enjoy their rugged beauty as you walk or jog along the Malecón de Loreto.

Photo: ives_vro

2. Loreto Marina and Lighthouse

At the north end of the malecon, the Loreto Marina is bustling with fishing and tour boats heading out to sea. There’s also an area for casting out a fishing line from land, and you can watch them haul in their catches. The marina also has a lighthouse pointing out to sea, and it’s one of the Loreto attractions that makes for a fantastic photo backdrop.

Photo: treepose

3. Sunrise and Sunset

There’s something incredibly relaxing about watching the sunrise and sunset over the ocean, and in the mornings and evenings, the malecon is a popular spot for a brisk walk or run for both locals and visitors. With its unobstructed views of the Sea of Cortez, the sunrises and sunsets paint the sky brillant shades of purple, red, and orange.

4. The Famous Letters of Loreto

Many tourist destinations in Mexico have large, brightly painted letters that spell out their names, each with their own style and art. The letters of Loreto are an iconic spot to grab a photo, especially at sunset when the lighting is perfect.

Photo:  lalojourney / Repost: guia_loretobcs

5. Loreto Arch

As the malecon winds its way through downtown, you’ll see one of the newest Loreto attractions: the arched entrance to the Salvatierra walkway. This path references the history of Loreto, a city that acted as the gateway for missionary establishment in the Californias.

Photo: davalo.11

6. Loreto Plaza

The most popular spot around the Malecón de Loreto is the city’s historic plaza. Here, you can explore the first permanent Spanish mission in the Californias and learn more about its history in the next door museum. Around it are pedestrian walkways that inspire romance and spark the imagination.

Photo: kilbournejon