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Published on 18/03/2020

Flights to Loreto Mexico

Flights To Loreto Mexico Airlines

Loreto Mexico is a small seaside town that has gradually been gaining in popularity among travelers seeking both a breathtaking vacation destination and a haven for all kinds of outdoor activities. As the demand for flights to Loreto Mexico increases, various airlines have upped their offerings, providing more and more ways to get to Loreto from other destinations in North America.

If you find yourself asking “what airlines fly to Loreto Mexico from Tijuana or other cities in the United States and Canada?,” you’re in the right place. This guide will help you find the best route for your travel to the stunning seaside destination on the Baja coast. 

What is the Airport in Loreto Mexico?

The Loreto International Airport, LTO, is the primary airport to fly into when traveling domestically or internationally to Loreto Mexico, which lies in the state of Baja California Sur. Flights arrive daily at the Loreto International Airport from across Canada, the United States, and Mexico, and the airport is located just 10 minutes from the center of town. While it’s a small airport, service is quick and easy, making traveling a breeze, and with new direct flights from Volaris and other airline companies, you’ll be listening to the sounds of crashing waves and rustling palm trees in no time.

Flights to Loreto Mexico

Finding flights to Loreto Mexico used to be a bit tricky, but as the destination has become increasingly popular among travelers, more and more airlines have begun to offer direct flights to Loreto. While service to the city is still somewhat limited, these new routes make it easier to find a travel itinerary to meet your needs, even if that means creating your own route by booking a flight to one of the following cities first, and then flying to Loreto from there.

What Airlines Fly to Loreto Mexico from Tijuana?

Volaris and Calafia airlines offer flights from Tijuana to Loreto Mexico on a regular basis. While Volaris has long been offering flights on Tuesdays and Sundays, beginning April 6th, 2020, they will offer direct flights to Loreto Mexico from Tijuana on Mondays as well. For travelers on the west coast, the Volaris flights to Loreto Mexico from Tijuana are often the cheapest and quickest option, getting you to your destination in just under two hours. 

San Diego to Loreto Mexico Flights

Currently, there are no direct flights from San Diego, California to Loreto, Baja California Sur. Travelers can, however, use the Cross Border Xpress CBX, a walking bridge that traverses the border between Mexico and the United States. 

Using the Cross Border Xpress between San Diego and Tijuana

Travelers can opt to pass through the Cross Border Xpress, a pedestrian bridge that connects the city of  San Diego and the Tijuana International Airport. Those seeking this option can catch a shuttle that helps travelers reach the crossing from a variety of stops in San Ysidro, Los Angeles, and San Diego. By using the Cross Border Xpress, travelers can pass through immigration quickly and easily, finding new options for flights to Loreto Mexico from Tijuana on the other side. While this may seem like a hassle, it is actually quite easy and travelers can save money while enjoying short flights.

Can You Drive from San Diego to Loreto Mexico?

While driving from San Diego to Loreto, Mexico does take considerably longer than taking a flight, it’s a great option for those wishing to experience the best of Baja. Driving between the two cities takes a little less than 17 hours, but it gives you the opportunity to stop at other points of interest along the way. For those wondering if it is safe to drive on the Baja Peninsula, some caution is advised in major cities like Tijuana, but the majority of the route from San Diego to Loreto is safe. 

Photo credit: IG @guia_loretobcs

How do you get to Loreto Mexico from Los Angeles?

Alaska Airlines offers direct flight to Loreto Mexico from LAX, the airport in Los Angeles California, at least five days of the week. The various flights leaving Los Angeles and heading to Loreto make it easier than ever for travelers to find the itinerary they are looking for. Previously, Loreto seemed like a distant dream for those living in other parts of the United States, but now a connection through LAX is easier and more convienent that ever.  

Flights from Calgary, Canada (YYC) to Loreto, Mexico (LTO)

For those flying out of Calgary, WestJet offers a Saturday flight to Loreto Mexico from November to March, the perfect time of year to visit the seaside destination.