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Published on 13/03/2021

Top 4 Spots for Snorkeling in Loreto Mexico

Top Spots For Snorkeling In Loreto Mexico

The Sea of Cortez was nicknamed “The Aquarium of the World” by the legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau, and the best way to see all the wonders below the surface of the sea is by snorkeling. Snorkeling in Loreto Mexico will bring you closer to the tropical fish, sea turtles, and marine life that attract travelers from around the world to the Sea of Cortez. As you look for where to snorkel in Loreto Mexico, you’ll find incredible spots, and whether you take a tour or walk out from the beach with your own goggles, you’ll see why Loreto Mexico snorkeling is one of the city’s top activities. 

1. Loreto National Marine Park

Loreto’s natural environment is its most priceless treasure, and as the city began to develop as an international destination, the community knew protecting the ocean needed to be a priority. Today, the Loreto National Marine Park preserves 790 square miles to keep the sea vibrant for future generations of explorers. Here, snorkeling in Loreto Mexico will reveal native species and tropical ecosystems, all existing as they have for hundreds of years. The best time to snorkel in Loreto Mexico is in the summer before the rain comes while the water is still warm. However, no matter when you come, Loreto Mexico snorkeling is one of the must-do activities for your vacation.

Photo credit: @parquenacionalbahiadeloreto

2. Danzante Island

The islands have plenty of options for where to snorkel in Loreto Mexico, and one of the most popular spots is Danzante Island. The seclusion of the island makes it a safe home for marine life, and a tour here will give you the best time to snorkel in Loreto Mexico. As you swim around the rocky shoreline, you discover an underwater paradise, and if you put your head under the water, you just might hear humpback whales calling to each other. 

3. Ensenada Blanca

You don’t have to take a boat to reach the best spots for snorkeling in Loreto Mexico. At Ensenada Blanca, one of the city’s most gorgeous beaches, you can walk straight out from shore and dive under the water. Bring your own snorkel, and you’ll be able to explore the shoreline at your leisure. Afterwards, spread out your towel for an afternoon in the tranquil beauty of Ensenada Blanca. 

Photo credit: @jose_hdeez

4. Nopolo Rock

Another option for where to snorkel in Loreto Mexico that you can explore on your own is Nopolo rock. This craggy, rocky island lies just off the shore, which makes swimming out here easy, and in the water, you’ll see parrotfish, moorish idol, and spotted boxfish. Mornings are the best time to snorkel in Loreto Mexico while the wind and waves are low. Because you’ll be swimming out from shore, be sure to bring a buddy along with you. 

Photo credit: @janinetre