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Published on 04/07/2020

Loreto Mexico Fishing Packages

Fishing Packages In Loreto Baja Mexico

For centuries, sportsmen have been enchanted by the sea, seeking out the biggest fish to catch. While fishing in Loreto Baja Mexico, you’ll get to sail the high seas and track down mahi mahi, marlin, and roosterfish. After a great day spent on the boat, a dinner of freshly caught grilled fish is the ultimate reward. With the various Loreto Mexico fishing packages, you’ll get all this and more for a deal.

When is the best time to go fishing in Loreto Mexico?

The best time to go fishing in Loreto Mexico depends on what type of fish you’re looking to catch, but in winter, the waters are especially abundant. While some types of fish are available all year long, there are some that are only found near Loreto in the summer or winter months. Another thing to consider when considering the best fishing months in Loreto Mexico is the weather. While the fresh ocean breeze will keep you cool, the air is warmer and more humid in the summer months. However, with lower tourism rates in the summer, you can also find better deals on Loreto Mexico fishing packages.

Species You’ll Find When Fishing in Loreto Baja Mexico

In Loreto Mexico, you can catch mahi mahi, grouper, tuna, roosterfish, sailfish, and many other species that make this a fisherman’s paradise. However, the types of fish you find change with the season, some coming in winter, others in summer, and some all year long.

Year Round Catches

Two fish you can almost always find when you’re fishing in Loreto Baja Mexico are snapper and seabass. If you catch one of these, you’re in for light and flaky fillets and tacos, but while they may be commonly found, catching them is hard. They’ll put up a good fight and fill your day with excitement no matter the season.

Summer Fish

As the air and sea temperatures rise, the major players of the sea swim into the Sea of Cortez. From June to September, fishermen are chasing down dorado, marlin, sailfish, and tuna. With long bills and stiff dorsal fins, these catches make for epic photos, and after a few minutes on the grill, they make for a delicious meal. If you’re hoping to bag these iconic fish, summer has the best fishing months in Loreto Mexico. 

Winter Fish 

Even though the air cools off in the winter, the excitement of fishing in Loreto Baja Mexico is still hot. If you’re looking for yellowtail, roosterfish, and Pacific sierra, November through April are the best fishing months in Loreto Mexico. In the spring, grouper shows up in the Sea of Cortez, staying into the first months of summer. 

Loreto Mexico Fishing Packages

There are many options for fishing packages in Loreto Mexico that include trips out to sea, nights in a hotel, free meals, and discounts on other benefits. With Hotel Santa Fe in the heart of downtown Loreto, you’ll have everything you need for an epic fishing trip. Their fishing packages include nights in their tranquil hotel where you can relax by the pool in the courtyard or easily venture out to explore the charming city. You’ll also have transportation to and from the airport, and when you arrive at the hotel, there will be a cocktail waiting for you. With discounts on dining, you’ll have everything you need to get ready for the fishing tour included in your package. As you sail around the Islands of Loreto and track down fish, you’ll be treated to lunch and drinks.

Taking advantage of deals on Loreto fishing packages gives you all the excitement of a day of deep sea fishing and more without breaking your budget. As you explore the historic downtown and sail across the Sea of Cortez, you’ll see what has made Loreto Mexico the choice destination for sportsmen for years. 

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