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Published on 01/10/2019

Best Loreto Mexico Beaches

Loreto Mexico Best Beaches

Loreto Mexico attracts a variety of travelers: honeymooners, golfers, explorers, and yogis. No matter what brings you to Loreto Baja California Sur Mexico, it’s the stunning beaches that make you want to stay. Uncrowded and pristine, these gems in the Loreto Bay entice weary travelers to rest and recharge to the sound of gently rolling waves and the wind whistling through palm branches. During your stay, exploring the Loreto Mexico beaches reveals more of the coast’s beauty and the different vibes throughout the city.

1. Islands of Loreto

To see more of the Islands of Loreto, you can hop on a boat and tour these majestic spots in the Loreto Bay. On the islands, you’ll find a mix of rocky shores and sandy beaches, but if you keep your eyes open, you can also spot sea lions, whales, tropical fish, and sea turtles out in the water. With seabirds cawing overhead and the wonders of the sea below you, snorkeling and photography are two of the most popular activities on the islands. These Baja Mexico islands are secluded, so you’ll have to bring your own water and snacks, but escaping to the Islands of Loreto is always a perfect way to spend the day on vacation.

2. Ensenada Blanca Beach

Some of the most gorgeous stretches of Loreto Mexico beaches lie beyond the downtown area. On the shores of Danzante Bay, the soft sands of Ensenada Blanca stretch into turquoise waters where tropical fish dart along coral reefs. Whether you put on snorkel gear or stretch out in the sand, you’ll discover spectacular views of Loreto Baja California Sur Mexico. As you gaze out from shore, you can spot some of the famous Islands of Loreto off the coast of Danzante Bay. These small mountainous islands gently rise out of the water, sparking the imagination, and of all the Loreto Mexico beaches, Ensenada Blanca has some of the best views of the islands. While Ensenada Blanca is about 30 minutes from downtown, its seclusion in Danzante Bay is perfect for a day of relaxing and escaping the crowds.

3. Downtown Loreto Beach

Loreto Baja California Sur Mexico isn’t the most bustling destination, but all of its historical charm and warm hospitality is infused into the ocean breeze. After exploring downtown and sampling the authentic dishes of Baja Mexico, one of the most popular places to stroll is the Malecon boardwalk along the beach. This is one of the most popular Loreto Mexico beaches for local families to gather and play volleyball or build sandcastles. To experience the best of Loreto Mexico, spend an afternoon enjoying the small-town friendliness of the downtown Loreto beach.

Photo credits: IG @m.riehm.travels and @liveinloreto.

4. Playa Oasis

At the southernmost tip of the boardwalk, Playa Oasis extends another couple hundred meters down the shoreline. This gives locals and visitors more room to spread out and find seclusion while still being within walking distance of various bars and shops. As you swim in the blue waters at this point in the Loreto Bay, you’ll truly feel like you’ve discovered an oasis in the midst of the city. Afterward, you can try one of the local restaurants and sample homemade authentic Mexican cuisine.

Photo credit: IG user @sm1lesunsh1ne.

Baja Mexico is a world of natural wonders and warm hospitality, welcoming adventurers from around the world to come and play. Unlike other destinations, Loreto Mexico beaches offer unparalleled beauty without crowds hustling and bustling around you. Here, you can truly escape to a paradise where peace washes over you as the water laps the shoreline.

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