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Published on 31/01/2023

Loreto Weather Month by Month

Loreto Weather Month By Month

Loreto Mexico has received many blessings from Mother Nature, being one of them the weather in Loreto. The Loreto weather is known, and chosen among other things, for its year-round mild temperatures. The dry, partially cloudy weather in Loreto is almost year-long, making the climate in Loreto very predictable, easy to pack for, and amazing to enjoy any month of the year. Read along and you will find great information on the weather and water temperature in Loreto, as well as great tips for navigating Loreto weather by month so you can plan accordingly.

Average Temperature in Loreto, Mexico

The weather in Loreto has two very definite seasons, a hot season from June to October, and the cool season from December to March. During the hot season the average temperature in Loreto is 91°F, while the average temperature in Loreto for its cool season is about 77°F. The hottest month in the year in Loreto is August with an average temperature of 83°F to 95°F; while the coldest month in Loreto is January, with average temperatures oscillating between 58°F and 73°F. 

The Best Month of the Year to Visit Loreto

The best time of the year to visit Loreto is the fall due to its great weather. The Loreto weather in October is splendid as the temperature in Loreto during October starts to decrease to the lower 80s while the water temperature in the Sea of Cortez continues to be warm. Nonetheless the weather in Loreto from mid-May to the end of June is also awesome with temperatures climbing to the higher 80s, creating the perfect setting to practice great water sports in Loreto. 

During Loreto’s hotter and cooler months there are also many activities to embark upon, which is why Loreto Mexico is a great place to visit all year long. 

Weather from January to March

The weather in Loreto during the month of January is usually the coolest of the year, with its average high about 73-76°F and low about 55-58°F. The Loreto weather in February has an average high of 78°F and low of 59°F, while the Loreto climate in March starts getting warmer, with an average high of 82°F. During these winter months, Loreto Mexico is a chosen destination by whales! If you’re traveling to Loreto between January and early March, you cannot miss signing up for a whale watching tour or a boat trip out to the Loreto islands, where you may have dolphins and whales splashing and playing in the backdrop. 

Weather from April to June

The clearer skies in Loreto take place from April until early July, a great time of the year to travel to Loreto if your plan is to sunbathe as much as possible. The Loreto weather in April has an average high of 84°F and low of 60°F, an average temperature of 89°F/65°F respectively for the weather in May in Loreto and an average of 94°F and 73°F for the weather in Loreto in June, which is the beginning of the summer. The climate in Loreto from April to June brings about a great season to engage in the many outdoor activities that Loreto has to offer. The water temperature in Loreto starts increasing by mid-April, with an average water temperature in April in Loreto of 69°F, an average water temperature in May in Loreto of 73°F, and an average water temperature in June in Loreto of 76°F, allowing for most water sports, like snorkeling, diving and kayaking to take place without the mandatory wetsuit suggestion of cooler months. Other activities in-land such as nature walks and hiking tours on the Loreto Islands, are also pleasing during this time of the year when the climate in Loreto is still milder than the warmer months of summer.

Average Water Temperature in Loreto


Weather from July to September

The water temperature in Loreto from July to mid-October is the warmest of the year, with an average temperature of above 81°F, which is ideal for all water sports. September has the hottest water temperature in Loreto with 84°F on average. While the Loreto climate is mostly dry, the Loreto rainy season takes place during this time of the year, with its peak during the month of September with an average of 4 days of rainfall with greater than 0.4 inches of precipitation. 

The summer months in Loreto are the warmer months, with average highs of 97°F and lows in the high-70s from July to September. Keep hydrated if you do any outdoor activities if you travel to Loreto in summer. You can also expect more humidity this time of the year due to the wetter season. However these are the best months to fish in Loreto, so reel in for the hot fun Loreto summer.  

Weather from October to December

October to December is a dream season in Loreto, when the temperatures go down and the Loreto climate is dry and sunny most of the time. The climate in Loreto in October has been described by many Loreto visitors as the most ideal climate in Loreto, with average temperatures in the mid-70s and mid-80s, while the ocean water temperature is still warm for most water sports and activities. The weather in Loreto in December starts to cool down to an average low of 60°F, yet that does not mean the fun has to stop. Most hotel pools are heated and there are great activities off water too, such as paying a visit to local landmarks like the Our Lady of Loreto Mission and the Museo de las Misiones de Baja California, dining out at one of the many top restaurants in Loreto, watching the sunrise or sunset at the many magical spots, and much more. The cooler months of the year in Loreto receive the visit of a vast array of whales that find refuge in the waters of the Baja. December is the beginning of the whale season in Loreto, an opportunity you won’t want to miss. 

From beginning to end, Loreto is a great destination for any of the 365 days of the year.