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Published on 06/12/2022

How to Get to Loreto from Tijuana

How To Get To Loreto From Tijuana

It may seem far away when thinking about traveling to the sunny shores of Mexico, yet your next Loreto vacation might be closer than you think! Getting to Loreto from Tijuana is a great alternative for any kind of budget and its faster than you’d ever imagine. Whether you’re looking for flights from Tijuana to Loreto, or are willing to plan your escape by bus or car, we have all the information you need for a successful trip to paradise.

How Far is Loreto, Baja California from Tijuana?

You will be surprised to know that the distance from Tijuana to Loreto is roughly 700 miles. Yes! You’ve read correctly; according to Mexico’s equivalent of the U.S. Department of Transportation, known as SCT, the distance between Tijuana and Loreto is just about 1,122.620 km. 

Road Trip - How Long Does it Take to Drive From Tijuana to Loreto in a Car?

Depending on the weather, traffic, and road conditions, the number of stops you decide to make during your trip, and whether you want to take it easy or keep it within the speed limit, driving from Tijuana to Loreto could be done in as little as 13 hours, although the average time according to multiple sites online is reported somewhere between 15 and 16 hours. What’s more, the scenic view offered by this route is totally worth it and the options become many. You could plan on doing multiple stops over a number of days on your way to Loreto, Mexico and take in as much of Baja as you could possibly can, or you could plan to leave at the break of dawn and have a sip of cold beer by the end of the day feeling the breeze and listening to the waves of the Sea of Cortez while relaxing at your Loreto hotel.

Is there a Bus from Tijuana to Loreto?

Getting to Loreto from Tijuana by bus is also another alternative if you do not want to drive and yet want to keep your trip to Loreto within budget. Buses from Tijuana to Loreto leave 4 times a day from Tijuana’s bus station and arrive at Loreto’s bus station. The bus time from Tijuana to Loreto is about 20 hours; so pack your bag with earphones, good music and a good book, and you’re on your way to enjoying a Loreto vacation.

View bus option: Autobuses Aguila.

What Airlines Have Flights from Tijuana to Loreto?

Flights to Loreto from Tijuana are one more option to get to your Loreto destination. There are two Mexican airlines that offer flights from Tijuana to Loreto; Volaris and Calafia Airlines. Volaris offers flights to Loreto departing from Tijuana on Sunday, Thursday, and Saturday, while Calafia Airlines offers flights between Tijuana and Loreto on Mondays and Fridays only.

Data online shows that the best rates from Tijuana to Loreto Mexico have been found in January for as little as $50 USD one-way, whereas the earlier you book your trip, you can land lower rates for any other season. Plan ahead of time and maximize your budget for your next Loreto vacation.

Using the Cross Border Xpress to Get to Your Flights from Tijuana

Thinking about the hassle of crossing the border could deter people from considering flying from Tijuana to Loreto Mexico, yet you could do it in a jiffy. With CBX, or Cross Border Express, you can safely cross the border between San Diego and Tijuana to catch your next flight to Loreto Mexico. CBX is a pedestrian bridge for the exclusive use of passengers flying out of the Tijuana International Airport and airlines like Volaris offer the option to enter the service right on your reservation, so pack your bags because you could be enjoying your next Loreto Mexico vacation in no time at all.

How Long is the Flight from Tijuana to Loreto?

Depending on whether your flight has stops or it is a direct flight, flights from Tijuana to Loreto could be just under 2 hours. Direct flights from Tijuana to Loreto take about 1 hour and 39 minutes and the flying distance between Tijuana and Loreto is about 900km (roughly 560 miles). There is an average of 12 direct flights during the week flying to Loreto Mexico departing from Tijuana. 

Whether you plan to bus your way there, take a fun road trip, or a hop on a quick direct flight to beautiful Loreto Mexico, options are plenty and within all budgets. All you need to do is make up your mind, pull up your calendar, and set the date. We look forward to seeing you in Loreto Mexico for your next dream Mexico vacation destination!