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Published on 03/03/2021

Visiting Loreto, Mexico with Kids

Visiting Loreto Mexico With Kids

Almost any city in Mexico is ideal for cultural explorations and romantic getaways, but when searching for the best destinations in Mexico for families with kids, there are a couple specific things you’ll want to consider. For most families, safety is a top priority when traveling with kids, and you’ll want to make sure there are plenty of activities that even the smallest members of your family will find enchanting. Along the Baja Peninsula on Mexico’s west coast, Loreto is a charming coastal town where families safely splash in the waves and discover the historic culture of Mexico. For an unforgettable family vacation, set your sights on Loreto, and open the doors to the world for your children.

The Safety of Traveling to Loreto Mexico with Kids

Compared to different cities all over the world, Loreto is one of the safest places for both locals and visitors. Despite its growing popularity as a Mexican beach destination, the city maintains its small-town charm, and its cobblestone streets echo with the sounds of neighbors greeting each other and the rumble of trucks delivering fruit to the markets. The all-inclusive family resorts here are secure locations, and the friendly staff go out of their way to make your vacation comfortable. While you explore Loreto Mexico with kids, you’ll want to keep an eye on them, but throughout the city, residents will help make sure you feel welcome and safe.

Why Travel to Mexico as a Family

While you might think the beaches of Mexico are for romantic getaways and bachelorette vacations, there’s something special about traveling in a foreign country as a family. Teaching them about another culture and giving them opportunities to experience another country will broaden their horizons, helping them understand and appreciate the diversity of our world. Loreto is one of the best destinations in Mexico for families with kids who want to dive into Mexican history and culture. Visit the local mission and museum to learn about Spain’s colonization of the area, or head out of town to see cave paintings. At meal times, try familiar and new Mexican dishes together, and throughout your stay, you’ll be able to interact with the residents of Loreto who welcome you to their town.

Where to Stay for the Best Family Vacation in Loreto

One of the most important things to consider when traveling with kids is where to stay. Hotel Santa Fe is one of the best hotels in Loreto for families with kids. Its location is within walking distance to the main plaza, lots of restaurants, and the beach, but when it’s time for an afternoon nap, the hotel is a quiet oasis. The suites are all designed to accommodate different sizes of families, and with private kitchenettes, you’ll be able to keep snacks on hand or whip up a meal for the whole family. The courtyard pool will provide hours of entertainment, and the staff will help you book any tours and activities. 

What to do in Loreto Mexico with Kids

Families with kids of all ages will love the variety of activities to choose from in Loreto. On land, spend your days riding ATVs through the mountains, hiking to viewpoints, and exploring downtown where you can step back in time at the museum or browse local shops. At sea, try snorkeling, sailing, whale watching, paddle board, or even scuba diving to discover the wonder of the Sea of Cortez, waters known as “The Aquarium of the World.” Sharing these experiences together will create lifelong memories of new adventures and explorations.

Loreto Mexico is the ideal destination for everything from romantic getaways to family vacations, and when you’re traveling with kids, the winning combination of exciting activities and a safe environment gives you everything you need to relax and focus on each other. Having these moments as a family will draw you closer for years to come, and Loreto will quickly become a destination everyone wants to return to year after year.