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Published on 15/02/2023

6 Places You Should Visit in Loreto, Mexico

Places You Should Visit In Loreto Mexico

The beauty of the pueblo mágico (magical town) of Loreto Mexico is exactly that, that it is magical. It is not common to find a beach destination that also provides access to such a rich cultural heritage like Loreto. In addition to numerous beautiful beaches, Loreto Baja California Sur is a tourist destination of great historical value. Loreto began as a Jesuit mission and became the first of 18 in the region, playing a key role in the evangelization of the original people settled here and in the development of the history and culture of Baja California. The tourist attractions of Loreto Baja California Sur include a natural reserve, historical and emblematic buildings, and a golf course that is one of a kind in the country. If you were wondering what to do in Loreto aside from going to the beach, you will discover that there is much more than just sand and sea in this majestic destination. Read along and find out more about the 6 places to visit in Loreto Baja California Sur that you shouldn't skip on your next trip to Loreto.

1. Loreto Bay National Park (Parque Nacional Bahía de Loreto)

One of the places to visit in Loreto that cannot be missing from your list of things to do in Loreto Baja California is the Loreto Bay National Park (Parque Nacional Bahía de Loreto). It includes 5 main islands and the beautiful Sea of Cortez. It is home to countless marine species, birds, reptiles, and mammals, and it is particularly notorious for being the favorite destination for whales that visit this important natural reserve year after year. At the islands of the Loreto Bay National Park, it is also common to see blue-footed booby birds, the species that was made famous centuries ago. The great biodiversity present in this protected area led Jacques Cousteau to name it the “world aquarium,” and it remains a coveted spot for all those who get to experience its splendor. Its 5 islands, Isla Coronado, Isla del Carmen, Isla Danzante, Isla Monserrat, and Isla Catalina are tourist attractions within the National Park, where visitors can enjoy the landscape, the contact with nature, and numerous water activities on and around the islands. Finding a tour or day trip to any of the islands is relatively easy, check with your on-site concierge for more information on things to do in Loreto and the Loreto Bay National Park.

2. Mission of Our Lady of Loreto and Museum of the Baja California Missions

As mentioned, the magical town of Loreto Mexico has a rich historical past, being the cradle of the development of Baja California and other territories that today comprise part of the United States and northern Mexico. This legacy is preserved in two of the main tourist attractions in Loreto: the Mission of Nuestra Señora de Loreto and the Museum of the Baja California Missions. Located next to each other, these historical gems are examples of the architecture of the Spanish new order in the Americas. The Jesuits were crucial in the religious and cultural conversion of the region. The Museum of the Missions is located in the old warehouse of the mission and has several permanent exhibition rooms where relics and pieces of religious art of the time are exhibited. Our Lady of Loreto Mission was founded in 1697 and became the mother of all missions in Baja. Today, it is an emblem of the city and the entire region, past and present.

3. Main Square

The main square in downtown Loreto, where the Municipal Palace of Loreto is found, is located in front of the Mission of Our Lady of Loreto, so if you were already planning to take a tour of the mission and the museum, it is worth considering staying around and strolling through the square, visiting its shops and perhaps staying in one of the local restaurants to enjoy the rich cuisine so characteristic of Loreto, with flavors from the north and the Pacific that make it unique. The main square of Loreto is also part of its historical legacy.

4. Boardwalk of Loreto

The Loreto Malecón is one more of the tourist attractions of Loreto that is emblematic and where the selfie is a must. The famous boardwalk is located in downtown Loreto and extends for 1.5 kilometers. On its north end we find the Loreto Marina and the Lighthouse and near to the boardwalk you can find three beaches where you can stop and spend some time while you do your own tour of the boardwalk and the city center. Playa La Dársena, Playa Oasis and Playa La Negrita are excellent options to cool off and take a dip near the Malecon. The Loreto boardwalk is also one of the favorite places in town to witness the spectacular sunrises and sunsets in Loreto. And the letters that spell the name of this magical town that are also found on the Malecón have become an obligatory stop for the souvenir photo.

5. San Francisco Javier de Viggé-Biaundó Mission 

The San Francisco Javier de Viggé-Biaundó Mission is a true gem. Located 35 kilometers south of Loreto, it was the second mission established in the region by the Jesuits in 1699. Its state of preservation is magnificent and its simple but imposing façade contrasts beautifully with the landscape of the Sierra de la Giganta that surrounds it. If you have a particular interest in architecture and history, you won't regret visiting this mission.

6. TPC Danzante Bay

TPC Danzante Bay in the Islands of Loreto, as its website says, is a “masterpiece” when it comes to golf courses. The only TPC golf course in Mexico, it has 18 holes accompanied by incomparable views of the Sea of Cortez and its cliffs, the islands of Loreto and its rock formations. Golfers who have already played it confirm that it is an experience like no other, where the majestic setting and its high-end course create the perfect combination for an unforgettable game. You can book your tee time from their website.