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Published on 19/04/2021

Best Places to Take Pictures in Loreto, Mexico

Best Places To Take Pictures In Loreto Mexico

Lined with colorful buildings, the enchanting streets of Loreto Baja California lead to the sandy shores of the Sea of Cortez, and everywhere you go, there are more and more stunning places to take pictures. This picturesque town is filled with Instagrammable spots, and when you return home, you’ll definitely want to frame some of your shots to keep as momentos. Whether you’re taking family portraits for the Christmas card or capturing the natural beauty of the city, check out these top places to take pictures in Loreto Baja California.

Loreto Malecon

The Loreto Malecon is the boardwalk that runs along the beach in downtown, and it’s the perfect spot for a walk or bike ride. Because it’s right on the edge of the beach, you’ll have plenty of uninterrupted views of the Sea of Cortez, and like there are in other cities in Mexico, there are bright colorful letters that spell out “Loreto” along the Malecon. This is one of the most iconic tourist spots that you won’t want to miss.

Photo credit: @neversaysomeday

Mission Loreto

The Jesuit mission in Loreto marked the first Spanish settlement in Baja California, and since then, it’s been at the heart of the city. Visiting the church and the next-door museum will take you back in time to when pirates, indigenous tribes, and conquistadors roamed the area. Its traditional architecture and historic significance make it one of the best places to take pictures in Loreto.

Andador Juan María de Salvatierra

Outside the mission, this short walkway covered in arched tree branches is a romantic spot to stroll and snap some photos. Because there are no cars allowed on this street, it’s easy to take your time and capture a truly Instagram-worthy shot.

Palacio Municipal De Loreto

This pathway will lead you to the municipal building, and its traditional architecture captures the culture of Baja California. The quiet plaza in front of it has plenty of spots to take photos with it or any of the other surrounding ones, buildings whose colorful charm make the plaza a picturesque spot.

The Loreto National Marine Park

This protected area of the Sea of Cortez is home to tropical marine life, and its beauty is both above and below the surface. Here, you can get some truly unique photos, whether you’re out deep sea fishing or scuba diving down below. You can also sail to the Islands of Loreto whose rugged beauty is absolutely captivating. Capture all the beauty of the sea and islands, but don’t forget to get a few photos with you in them as well!

Photo credit: @parquenacionalbahiadeloreto

Ensenada Blanca

The beaches of Loreto are truly paradise, and hours can pass while you watch the gentle waves crash on the sandy shores. Ensenada Blanca is one of the most gorgeous beaches, and its tranquility gives you plenty of space to do a family portrait session. Hang these pictures on your walls for years to come, and you’ll always have a piece of Loreto with you.  

TPC Danzante Bay

There’s just as many natural wonders tucked into the canyons behind the city, and one of the best places to see this other side of Loreto Baja California is TPC Danzante Bay. As you play a round of golf, don’t forget to pause to soak up the beauty and snap a few photos. At every stop along the way, you’ll discover another unique viewpoint of the mountains and ocean that will take your breath away. 

Loreto Baja California is beloved for its natural beauty and charming streets, and no matter where you go, you’ll find stunning spots to snap some pictures. Just don’t forget to put the camera away and soak up the beauty with your own eyes!