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Published on 31/08/2021

Our Favorite Guest Photos

Hotel Santa Fe Loreto Guest Photos

Hotel Santa Fe Loreto is a cool oasis in downtown Loreto, Mexico, offering families and friends the perfect spot to rest and relax during their vacation, and while there’s plenty to do nearby, some of the most memorable moments happen while lounging in your suite or splashing in the pool. No matter how you spend your day, snap plenty of pictures to preserve your memories to look back on for years. As you look forward to your chance to do so, enjoy these photos of guests living their best lives on vacation at Hotel Santa Fe.

Here's our top 7, in no particular order:

1. Courtyard Selfies

There’s no shortage of selfie spots and reasons to smile at Hotel Santa Fe Loreto. While you’ll have incredible adventures as you explore Baja California, be sure to snap a couple photos as you enjoy the simple life of chilling by the pool. Sometimes, the simplicity of these photos make them your most precious souvenirs. 

2. First Swim

There are so many firsts to celebrate in a child’s life, and their first swim is one of the most memorable, and this little one sure is happy swimming with dad. The courtyard pool is a peaceful spot for them to dip their toes in the water, starting to splash and play, and when they’re ready for it, the Sea of Cortez is safe and calm waters for little swimmers.

3. Honeymoon Romance

After the rush of planning and celebrating your own wedding, it’s time to slow down and bask in the glow of newly-wedded bliss. With the ocean breeze and rustling palm trees inspiring romance, Loreto is the perfect honeymoon destination. As you take your photo, be sure to show off your rings!

4. Heading Out

When you stay at Hotel Santa Fe Loreto, you’ll be within walking distance of downtown where you can find authentic Mexican food, boutique shops, charming plazas, and all different restaurants. Before you head out and get caught up in the excitement of Loreto, take a photo at the hotel, especially if you’ve packed cute vacation outfits.

5. Family Time

Escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life gives families a chance to spend quality time together, and for these kids, time with their family is the highlight of vacation. Whether you’re traveling with the people you live with or the relatives you rarely get to see, capture all the memories of family time in Loreto.

6. Pretty in Pink

When you’re at Hotel Santa Fe Loreto, spending the night in doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the glamor and tropical beauty of a Mexican vacation. The lights by the pool and the water’s tranquility make it ideal for a relaxing evening. Throw on a brightly colored swimsuit, and float under the stars.

7. Just Splashing Around

This playful photo captures the joy of spending an afternoon in the pool, the laughing smiles, water games, and time spent together. Time your photo right, and you can snap a splashing picture. 

These photos capture the vivacious energy and warm memories of a Loreto vacation. Whether you need a relaxing afternoon or a peaceful oasis to return to at night, Hotel Santa Fe Loreto is your destination, giving you the perfect backdrop for your vacation and photos.

Photos: Credit to the rightful owners for pictures.