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Published on 27/08/2020

Top 5 Best Activities You Can Do in Loreto, Mexico

Best Activities You Can Do In Loreto Mexico

One reason why travelers from all over the world love taking a Loreto Mexico vacation is the unique activities and exciting adventures that await. Whether you’re looking to spend the day at sea or taste the local culture, there’s a variety of Loreto activities to fill your days. Add one or all of these activities into your next vacation, and see what makes this coastal town an incredible destination.

1. Loreto Whale Watching

It’s not just humans who travel to Loreto in the winter for the warm weather. A variety of whales, including grey whales and humpbacks, migrate to the Sea of Cortez every December, traveling thousands of miles to splash in the warm waters and give birth. Heading out to sea to spot them is one of the best things to do in Loreto Mexico. Plus, you’ll get to see the different Islands of Loreto as you sail. If you’re hoping to take a Loreto Mexico vacation to see the whales, be sure to travel sometime between December and March.

2. Snorkeling

Explorer, scientist, and innovator Jacques Cousteau once referred to the Sea of Cortez as the aquarium of the world, and he was right. The sea off the shores of Loreto is teeming with marine life. Tropical schools of fish dart through the currents, and eagle rays gently glide through the water. Snorkeling is one of the best Loreto activities for seeing it all up close, and if you snorkel in the winter, you may even be able to hear the distant calls of the whales. Simply stick your head underwater and hold your breath for a moment to hear their songs. 

3. Golfing at TPC Danzante Bay

Many people take a Loreto Mexico vacation just for the golf. TPC Danzante Bay is one of the top courses in Mexico, making Loreto the premier destination for golfers. Designed by the accomplished architect Rees Jones, this course takes full advantage of the valleys and cliffs in Danzante Bay for a course that’s technically challenging with rewarding views. Every hole is truly unique, whether it’s playing down into the valley or up onto the cliffs overlooking the sea. 

4. Exploring Downtown Loreto

Some of the best things to do in Loreto Mexico are downtown. To learn more about the local culture and history, step back in time at the Mission Loreto which marks the first permanent Spanish settlement in the Californias, and be sure to stop by the museum next door. Afterwards, wander the calm and charming streets that are lined with local boutiques and shops where you can find the perfect treasure to take home. There’s also a variety of restaurants where you can sink your teeth into fresh seafood and authentic Mexican cuisine.

5. Deep Sea Fishing

The waters along the Baja Peninsula are also famous for deep sea fishing, and whether you’re an avid fisher or not, the thrill of being far out at sea and cruising across the ocean makes this one of the most exciting things to do in Loreto Mexico. Depending on the season, those who fish in Loreto commonly catch roosterfish, sailfish, marlin, and dorado. At the end of the day, freshly caught fillets can be marinated and grilled or turned into savory ceviche. 

Each of these Loreto activities is filled with adventure and excitement, giving you the chance to see more of what makes this little coastal town such a beloved destination. Whether you’re teeing off on Mexico’s best golf course or sailing across the sea, you’ll find your own reasons to fall in love with Loreto and return again and again.