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Published on 07/12/2022

Foods to Try on Your Loreto Vacation

Foods To Try On Your Loreto Vacation

If you’re wondering what to eat in Loreto Mexico during your next trip to the paradisiacal destination, this article will help you. For the best food to try in Loreto Mexico, options are plenty. From local markets to high-end Loreto Mexico restaurants, your taste buds are about to embark on a culinary voyage!

When in Mexico Do as the Mexicans Do

When going on vacation to a seaside destination like Loreto, nothing could be more true or offer a richer experience than trying the customs of the locality. The particular geographic location of Loreto, Mexico makes it a top destination to experience a fusion of flavors. From the northern traditional gastronomy to the bold flavors that the Pacific coast brings to the table, Loreto has it all. When looking for the best food to try in Loreto Mexico, the following selection is a must to be included in your trip itinerary. Whether you’re a foodie or not, you can bet that your next Loreto Vacation is going to be packed with new, exciting flavors to enjoy, so prepare your tummy for the ride!

Machaca de Res

If you want to ensure a good start when looking for what to eat in Loreto Mexico, you can certainly initiate your journey with a typical food known as norteña. It is called so due to its undeniable influence of northern Mexico’s cooking style, where Machaca is by far one of the top norteña and best food to try in Loreto Mexico restaurants and local eateries. Machaca, like practically any Mexican dish, is tasty and full of flavor. Made out of beef, it is finely ground with piedra del metate, giving the beef a light and feathery consistency. Next comes the punch, which is created by adding onion, green peppers and other spices to the mixture to give it its distinct and unforgettable flavor. Accompanied with corn or flour tortillas, or even eggs for a full breakfast, and a good Mexican salsa, you can be sure you’re in for a treat.


There is no better place to eat tacos than where this world-known dish originated. Wrapped in warm corn or flour tortillas, the filling can be just about anything, but if you’re visiting Loreto, you’ll likely be enticed by the mouthwater beef, pork, fish, or seafood options. Tacos are about as versatile as the regions of Mexico and they’re easy to find at almost all Loreto Mexico restaurants. Allow yourself to indulge on your Loreto vacation in the bold, tasty flavors of a taco de asada with onions, celery and hot Mexican salsa or one with sizzling shrimp and pico de gallo. If you’re in for a Baja favorite, top it off with Loreto Mexico famous fish tacos.

Delicacies from Sea of Cortez and the Pacific

The Pacific Coastline and the Sea of Cortez bring some of Mexico's most unique seafood dishes to the table and they’re definitely some of the best food to try in Loreto Mexico during your vacation. From the fresh-catch-of-the-day at local Loreto restaurants to famous seafood delicacies, you will need more than a few days to try them all. Ceviche, for example, is one of the foods to eat while you’re in Loreto Mexico. It is basically fresh fish, shrimp, octopus, or a mix of them all, cooked in lime juice, combined with chopped onions and tomatoes, and accompanied by fresh avocado and some tostadas, which are like crispy corn tortillas. Freshly-made ceviche is a bold, explosion of flavors that everyone should try while in Loreto Mexico.

Chocolate clams and almejas tatemadas

Chocolate clams and almejas tatemadas are two dishes that cannot be missed during your next Loreto vacation. Chocolate clams, which are just like oysters but so much better, are named after the brown color of their shell. This rare seafood solely found in Loreto Mexico and Baja is best enjoyed cold, out of the shell, and marinated in lime juice and spices. Grilled clams are another food everyone must try while in Loreto Mexico. Being one of the locality’s signature dishes, almejas tatemadas are roasted with rosemary in a pit of fine gravel, opened, and served with a special mustard sauce that brings out its salty flavor after the fire does its culinary work.

Lobster and tuna

Last but not least, lobster and tuna are also among those dishes that must be part of your Loreto vacation. Fresh from the ocean, Loreto restaurants have their very own signature dishes to bring out the best of them. Scout around the city and share with us what you find!

Photo: Mita Gourmet.