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Published on 19/04/2022

Traditional Food in Loreto You Have to Try

The Gastronomy Of Loreto Baja Mexico Local Dishes

If you’ve ever been to Mexico or visited a Mexican restaurant near your home, then you understand why the country is famous for its cuisine. Recognized by UNESCO as “a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity,” Mexican food has warmed the hearts of consumers for centuries, but it isn’t just the typical tacos, enchiladas, and burritos that so many think of when they hear Mexican food. It is also the seaside dishes and unique beverages that come from each of the small towns that makes it so unique. The gastronomy in Loreto adds to its distinction as a Magic Town, and gives visitors something unique to remember about the destination. The following is a list of typical dishes Loreto has to offer and why you should make it a point to try each on your next trip to the town. 

Gastronomy in Loreto

Like most Mexican towns, there are typical dishes Loreto has to offer that will delight your palate and inspire your own cooking. Around town, you’ll find a number of restaurants serving delicious cuisine, much of which is based on the fresh seafood that is fished off the shores of town. By combining it with fresh fruit, vegetables, and unique sauces, the people have created the delicious gastronomy in Loreto that so many have come to love. 

1. Almejas Tatemadas

Almejas Tatemadas, or Charred Clams, are among the most famous of the typical food in Loreto. These clams are roasted on a pit of gravel and covered in romerillo, which is then set on fire. Once the fire is put out, the clams are opened and served with a delicious mustard-based sauce. 

2. Ceviche

All along the coast of Mexico, you can find delicious varieties of ceviche. It is a typical food in Loreto given the city’s location on the Sea of Cortez, where a wealth of fresh seafood makes the dish deliciously possible. Ceviche is most commonly made by combining fresh raw fish, such as Mahi Mahi or tuna, or seafood, like shrimp or octopus, with chopped vegetables, such as carrots, cucumbers, onions, and sometimes fruit, like mangos, tomatoes, and pineapple. Once mixed together, they are cooked in lime juice and seasoned with diverse spices. 

3. Lobster

Cooked in any form, lobster is delicious, but when you cook it in a mezcal sauce and combine it with the perfect seasonings and a bit of butter as they often do in the typical dishes Loreto has to offer, it is outstanding. Because of Loreto’s location on the Sea of Cortez, lobster is abundant and usually the most fresh you’ll ever experience. 

4. Machaca de Res

Of all the typical food in Loreto, this one is extremely unique given that the beef is ground up with a stone rather than cut with a knife. Once it is finely chopped, slices of onion and poblano peppers are added to the mixture, in addition to a number of spices that add the perfect flavor. Once cooked, Machaca de Res is often served in a flour tortilla, with or without a scrambled egg. 

5. Fish Tacos

Tacos de Pescado, or fish tacos, are a local favorite and probably the most popular dish in all of Baja. Grilled or deep fried, strips of fresh fish are served on top of a corn tortilla with sliced cabbage, carrots, or lettuce. Diners are usually offered a variety of salsas, including pico de gallo, and limes to create the perfect combination for each individual. 

Whether dining at one of the top-rated restaurants or a food stand on the streets, you’re likely to find the typical dishes Loreto has to offer wherever you go. Each is rooted in the culture and traditions of the destination, and serving them is a prideful moment for many of the locals. On your next adventure, be sure to try the gastronomy of Loreto.