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Published on 08/06/2020

How Airlines Flying to Loreto, Mexico are Preparing After COVID-19

Airlines Flying To Loreto Mexico Preparing After Covid

As COVID-19 began to spread around the world, airlines flying to Loreto Mexico quickly canceled flights to prevent the spread of the disease. Now, after almost two months of quarantining, Loreto has overcome the peak of the pandemic and is ready to welcome guests back to paradise. While some people drive down the Baja Peninsula, most travelers book flights to Loreto Mexico for a quick getaway. Because the coronavirus outbreak has the potential to spread again, airlines are changing their operations and procedures to keep employees and travelers safe. As you start to search for flights to Loreto Mexico, check out what these airlines are doing to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Around the world, the majority of airlines and airports are taking common steps as recommended by world health experts. Since COVID-19 began to spread, flights all over were canceled, but airlines loosened up on their cancellation policies with generous offers for travelers to rebook or receive refunds for their flights. Now, all airlines have increased their sanitation processes in different ways to kill off any traces of the coronavirus before passengers board. When you’re at your gate, you’ll now be asked to hold out your boarding pass, allowing gate agents to scan your ticket without touching it. Individual airlines flying to Loreto Mexico are making other changes to help protect everyone on board.

Alaska Airlines

One of the main airlines flying to Loreto Mexico on the west coast, Alaska Airlines is taking several steps to fight the coronavirus, temporarily closing their airport lounges, suspending hot towel service in first class, keeping seats open between passengers,  and decreasing their flight schedule. In-flight service will be limited to prepackaged food and drinks. While making these changes aren’t profitable, the airline is prioritizing employee and traveler safety, helping you get away to the Islands of Loreto without risking your health.

Volaris provides both domestic and international flights to Loreto Mexico, and before boarding a Volaris flight, passengers are required by the Mexican Civil Aviation Authority to fill out a health form. If you’ve traveled to a coronavirus hotspot in the past two weeks, you’ll be required to present a doctor’s note stating that you’ve tested negative for the virus. To help fight any germs and viruses, the airline will also be providing antibacterial hand gel before, during, and after your flight.

Calafia Airlines
A smaller national airline, Calafia Airlines has been helping people from around the world travel to Loreto Mexico for years, and like other airlines, they’re implementing changes that align with guidance from world health experts. With WHO protocols for disinfecting their planes and antibacterial hand gel available to all travelers, the airline is preventing the spread of the virus.

WestJet usually offers flights between Canada and the Islands of Loreto only during the winter, and at this point, they’ve suspended all their international flights. As travel to Loreto Mexico begins to resume and more cities overcome the peak of the pandemic, hopefully WestJet flights to Loreto can start to take off later this year. 

Aeromexico is also on the lookout for passengers presenting symptoms of COVID-19, and if they believe you are flying while sick, health authorities will be notified and appropriate protocols will be implemented. Like many other airlines, Aeromexico is increasing their sanitation policies and procedures to protect all employees and travelers traveling to the Islands of Loreto.

Delta Airlines
Recognizing the importance of social distancing, Delta Airlines will be adjusting seating assignments to keep space open between people who aren’t traveling together. Because of this, automatic upgrades have been suspended to help monitor social distancing on flights, and you’ll have to contact the airline if you’re traveling in a group and want to sit together. With an increased sanitation between flights, these steps on flights to Loreto Mexico follow the best guidelines for dealing with the pandemic.

United Airlines
In addition to increased sanitation and changes to in-flight services, United Airlines is offering free flights to medical volunteers to fight the coronavirus. The company is also drastically cutting back on their international flight service to protect employees during the current crisis. By prioritizing health over profits, United Airlines is taking a step towards beating this pandemic. 

Air Canada
Like businesses around the world, Air Canada is recommending that all customers wear face masks. The airline is also assigning seats to keep space open between passengers, using High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) air filters onboard, and working with hospital-grade cleaning products between flights. All members of the Air Canada team are trained to spot and respond to symptoms of the virus. 

American Airlines
Like other airlines around the world, American Airlines is changing their cleaning process between flights, giving all aircrafts an extra 30 minutes on the ground between international flights to go through a rigid cleaning and disinfection process. American Airlines is also closing their airport lounges and keeping seats open for social distancing, and while you can travel to Loreto Mexico onboard American Airlines, pets will not be checked at this point. Your furry travel buddies will only be allowed in the cabin if they meet the requirements. 

All of these steps that airlines are taking are based on the advice of world health experts to help passengers get where they need to be. As you start to look ahead to summer vacations and fall getaways, knowing that these airlines are prioritizing health makes jetting off to Loreto Mexico even more exciting.