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Published on 13/07/2020

WTTC Grants Baja California Sur the Safe Travels Stamp

Wttc Grants Baja California Sur The Safe Travels Stamp

Baja California Sur has been awarded the Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council, highlighting the Coronavirus preventive measures that governments and businesses have put in place. As one of the main tourist destinations in the state, the city of Loreto has made responsible choices to ensure the safety of all those who call the state home, whether they live there year round or simply visit for a weekend. As travel to Loreto Mexico resumes, the Safe Travels Stamp gives travelers confidence that safety measures are being taken seriously and are enforced throughout the state.

The World Travel and Tourism Council is a non-profit organization that uses research and collaboration to ensure safe, seamless, and sustainable travel throughout the industry. When the Coronavirus began to spread across the world, travel was one of the first industries to feel the economic impact of the pandemic. To help protect industry members during this time, the organization created a series of health guidelines based on advice from world health experts and specialized to fit different areas of travel, from car rental companies to cruise ships. To recognize destinations that are successfully enforcing Coronavirus preventive protocols, the organization is awarding them with the Safe Travels Stamp. With this recognition, travelers can continue to feel safe on Loreto Mexico beaches.

When news of the pandemic first began to spread, travel to Loreto Mexico stopped, and businesses and resorts shut their doors. While employees stayed at home with their families, the city researched the best practices for preventing the spread of the virus. Because of early steps taken to fight COVID-19, the city made it through the peak of the pandemic, but as travelers start to return, Loreto Mexico safety is still the top priority. Resorts and businesses are only allowed to reopen if they can maintain strict social distancing and sanitation policies. When you travel to Loreto Mexico, you’ll notice a few differences around town that are there to ensure safe travel. Before entering a business, expect to have your temperature taken, and once you’re in, you’ll see plexiglass dividers and hand sanitizer throughout as well as signs encouraging guests to maintain a healthy distance between themselves. While the resorts of Loreto have also been favorite destinations for travelers because of the cleanliness, the daily cleaning protocols at most resorts will include increased sanitizing of commonly touched surfaces throughout the day. These steps to ensure safe travel protect both the local community and those who are visiting.

These changes to protocols and policies for Loreto Mexico safety won’t stop you from being able to enjoy all the fun of vacationing along the coast. Because it’s a small-town destination, there’s plenty of room to spread out on the Loreto Mexico beaches and practice social distancing. Plus, activities like paddleboarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, and hiking naturally encourage social distancing, and others, like deep sea fishing, can easily be done in smaller groups. At the end of each day, you can explore the local restaurants to dine on fresh seafood and authentic Mexican cuisine before returning to the warm hospitality of your hotel. As you explore all the city has to offer, you’ll see businesses and restaurants promoting safe travel and preventive measures. 

As the city begins to reopen, Loreto Mexico safety is the priority for the local community. While they’re excited to welcome back travelers to the Loreto Mexico beaches, ensuring that proper safety protocols are in place is of the utmost importance. Knowing this and seeing the Safe Travels Stamp given to the state, travelers can once again have confidence when booking a vacation to the shores of Loreto Mexico.